Hanna Barbera's Turbo Toons [Model SNSP-ATTP-EUR]

Nintendo Super NES cart. published 29 years ago by Empire Interactive Europe, Ltd.

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Hanna Barbera's Turbo Toons [Model SNSP-ATTP-EUR] screenshot

Hanna Barbera's Turbo Toons © 1994 Empire Interactive Europe, Ltd.

The craziest, funniest race ever is about to start. 5 player simultaneous racing and a 5 player simultaneous head to head challenge mode. Featuring over 20 classic Hanna Barbera characters including Yogi Bear, Hong Kong Phooey, Captain Caveman and Top Cat in a rampant, hilarious dash-around! Over 30 different tracks to compete on! Superb game play this is so hard to find in games these days! Only one game gives you all this and more, and if you hadn't guessed yet, it's right here in your hands!

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Released in October 1994 in Europe.

A North American version was planned but not released.
A Sega Mega Drive version was planned but never released.


Game Design: Adrian Barritt (Ade Barritt), Graham Rice
Programming: Adrian Barritt (Ade Barritt)
Graphics: Graham Rice
Utilities: Richard T. Horrocks (Champie), Nick Pavis (Blue Turtle)
Lead Playtester: Chad
Music: Richard T. Horrocks (Champie), The Amazing!
All the yukky stuff: Rik, Ian, Simon
Everything else you can think of: Adrian Barritt (Ade Barritt), Graham Rice
Very Very Big Thanks to: Lynn Domenico
Very Big Thanks to: Andy Mullins (Andy), Carol Nudds (Carol), Marisa H. Pauwels (Marisa)

Big Thanks to: Chris Jordan, Walt, Mark
Thanks to all at E.I., Russell King, Mum and Dad for having me!
A Big Hello to The Boys, The Cix, Pinball Wizards, Andrea, Jules.
Yello two to Sheila, Neil, Steve, Matty, and TK Rice.

This game is dedicated to the memory of Elv.


Game's ROM.