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Hang-On © 1985 Sega.

Hang-On is a superb point-to-point sprite scaling racing game in which the player takes control of a superbike and must race over five twisting circuits, avoiding rival bikers and trying to reach the end of each stage before the time limit expires.

Hang-On's handling and superb graphics were unlike anything seen before in the arcades and, like many Yu Suzuki games that followed, revolutionised the racing genre.

The 5 stages of 'Hang-On' are :
Grand Canyon
City Night


Hang-On [Sit-Down model] the  Arcade PCB
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[Sit-Down model]

Main CPU : (2x) Motorola 68000 (@ 6 Mhz), Zilog Z80 (@ 4 Mhz)
Sound Chips : YM2203 (@ 4 Mhz), Sega (@ 8 Mhz)

Players : 1


Hang-On was released in July 1985.

Hang-On was also released as :
"Hang-On [Ride-On Model]"

Hang-On was the first in a series of classic racing games designed by the legendary Yu Suzuki and his team (who would go on to create, among others, the "Out Run" series, as well as this game's sequel, "Super Hang-On"). This was the first simulation game in the world. After this game was released, the standard for motorcycle games is the riding type kind. This game was the first Sega game to use digitized drums in the music.

This Sit-Down model featured a motorcycle handlebar, throttle and break lever. The cabinet also has a simulated tachometer and speedometer.

In the 1988 arcade game "Power Drift", the motorcycle from Super Hang-On appears as a hidden vehicle that can only be accessed by winning first place on all five tracks for courses A, C, and E. It is only playable in the Extra Stage.

Don Novak holds the official record for this game on a 'Simulator' cabinet with 40,715,030 points.
Richard Powell holds the official record for this game on an 'Upright' cabinet with 33,923,450 points.

Alfa Records released a limited-edition soundtrack album for this game (Sega Taikan Game Special - 28XA-198) on December 21, 1987.


1. Hang-On (1985)
2. Hang-On II (1985, Sega SG-1000)
3. Hang-On Jr. (1985)
4. Super Hang-On (1987)
5. Limited Edition Hang-On (1991)


Designed by : Yu Suzuki (YU.)
From highscore table : (KAN), (OHE), (ISH), (NAG), (KAJ), (INO)
Music by : Hiroshi Miyauchi


europe Sega Master System (1985) "Hang On [Model 4580]"
Sega Master System japan (oct.20, 1985) "Hang On [Model C-502]"
Sega Master System usa (1986) "Hang On & Astro Warrior [Model 6001]"
Sega Master System usa (1986) "Hang On & Safari Hunt [Model 6002]"
Sega Master System korea (1986) "Hang On / Safari Hunt" by Samsung
japan Sega Saturn (oct.27, 1995) "Hang-On GP '95 [Model GS-9032]"
usa Sega Saturn (1996) "Hang-On GP [Model 81202]"
europe Sega Saturn (1996) "Hang-On GP '96 [Model MK81202-50]"
Sega Dreamcast japan (dec.29, 1999) "Shenmue: Isshou Yokosuka [Model HDR-0016]"
Sega Dreamcast japan (dec.29, 1999) "Shenmue: Isshou Yokosuka [Limited Edition] [Model HDR-0031]"
Sega Dreamcast europe (nov.6, 2000) "Shenmue [Model MK-51059-50]"
usa Sega Dreamcast (nov.7, 2000) "Shenmue [Limited Edition] [Model 51059]"
usa Sega Dreamcast (nov.8, 2000) "Shenmue [Model 51059]"
Sega Dreamcast japan (jul.5, 2001) "US Shenmue [Model HDR-0156]"
Sega Dreamcast japan (sept.6, 2001) "Shenmue II [Model HDR-0164]"
Sega Dreamcast japan (sept.6, 2001) "Shenmue II [Limited Edition] [Model HDR-0179]"
Sega Dreamcast europe (nov.23, 2001) "Shenmue II [Model MK-51184-50]"
Sega Dreamcast japan (dec.20, 2001) "Yu Suzuki Game Works Vol.1 [Model ASP001]"
Sega Dreamcast japan (mar.6, 2003) "Shenmue II [DriKore] [Model HDR-0211]"

NOTE: "Shenmue" and "Shenmue II" for the Sega Dreamcast feature Hang-On as a minigame.

japan MSX (1986) by Pony Canyon
NEC PC8801 japan (1986)

LCD handheld game usa (1989) released by Tiger Electronics.

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