Halo - Fireteam Raven [Super Deluxe]

Arcade Video game published 3 years ago by Raw Thrills

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Halo - Fireteam Raven © 2018 Raw Thrills.

Players become part of the elite Fireteam Raven, a special forces group of space marines who are stationed on the Pillar of Autumn at the time when the Halo ringworld is discovered. Repel the Covenant invasion while supporting the Master Chief in his mission to prevent the mysterious Halo from falling into their hands.

Halo: Fireteam Raven takes the original XBOX release and crafts a modern on-rails shooter experience out of it, exclusively for arcades. Use both human and alien weapons to survive, playing through six total chapters. The full game takes roughly 45 minutes to play through.


Super Deluxe models support up to four players at the same time. This was done to recreate the feel of playing the original Halo split-screen or on a LAN. This results in a massive, dual-screen game cabinet that provides 130" of total display space. Each 65" screen is 4K, with the underlying hardware being a "high powered HP workstation" to drive the graphics.

The cabinet design is an evolution of previous works that Play Mechanix and Raw Thrills have created, particularly Jurassic Park Arcade (2015) and The Walking Dead (2017). The controller technology is the same, just using a different shell.

Each controller is a mounted cannon that uses potentiometers to direct the position of the weapon. Players are assigned a specific color based upon their seat and can aim on either screen. Main triggers fire the weapon; thumb buttons fire grenades and a central button is used to reload. Each gun uses a solenoid for a force feedback effect.

Uses a 5.1 channel surround sound system with rear speakers located within each seat.

Each player station features a QR code scanning sensor. This allows users to link their XBOX Live Gamertag accounts to the game to unlock exclusive stats and rewards.


This game is the result of a five year collaborative effort between Play Mechanix, Raw Thrills, 343 Industries, and Microsoft Studios.

The developers at Play Mechanix had to completely recreate the game assets for this remastered presentation. It is also the first arcade release by a major studio to be presented entirely in 4K resolution.

The game was initially unveiled during the Inside Xbox netcast event on May 17th, 2018. It received location testing in the Chicago area at the end of June and rolled out to Dave & Busters locations across the USA during the first week of July.

Dave & Busters enjoyed the game as a limited time exclusive for Summer 2018. Other locations began to receive the game in the Fall.

If one of the player stations is unoccupied, AI will actively fire a weapon and attack on-screen enemies. A human player can take over at any time once they add credits and hit start. This is the first time Raw Thrills has enabled such a system in their games.

A two-player model was first demonstrated at the IAAPA 2018 trade show in Orlando, FL. This model is slated for a release in February 2019.


Scores are primarily based upon individual kills, a similar system to what was seen in The Walking Dead and Aliens Armageddon.


While enemy attacks follow a pattern of presenting each of the four players with an opportunity to take out enemies at roughly the same time, savvy players will quickly deduct where their set enemy is coming from, take them out, then can "steal" the kills of other players to rack up their own score.

Grenades are sparse and do not have a wide field of an effect. Use them to take out larger enemies faster.

Unfortunately the game does use Raw Thrills' signature "time to die" mechanic. This means that for the first two minutes, you take little damage, but after a set time, any damage you take dramatically reduces health, sometimes to zero. Often there are unavoidable attacks that will hit you when you have been playing for a while. As such, there is no known way to clear the game on a single credit.


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Developed by Play Mechanix.
Manufactured by Raw Thrills.

Executive Producer: Eugene Jarvis, George Petro

Game Design: Will Carlin