Gypsy Magic

Slot Machine published 19 years ago by Konami Gaming, Inc.

Listed and emulated in MAME !

Gypsy Magic © 2002 Konami Gaming, Incorporated.


Konami Endeavour Series hardware.
Game ID : ES142


This game is also available with a 'Wild Fire' progressive jackpot.


* Second Chance Feature : At the end of the free games, four cards are shown of which you can pick any one. One much push one of the four flashing buttons on the control panel corresponding to the images on the screen, as a touch screen isn't used on this game. If you pick the correct card, 20 additional free games are awarded. The Second Chance Feature also appears at the end of re-triggered games, so if you keep picking the right card, you can keep winning 20 more games each time. However, since the odds of picking the right card are one in four, it's rare that you win the extra games more than once or twice.


Game's ROM.