Grid Busters

V.R. game published 32 years ago by Virtuality, Ltd.

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Grid Busters screenshot

Grid Busters © 1991 Virtuality, Ltd.

Grid Buster is the last 1000CS Experience. It is a futuristic gladiatorial combat challenge for up to four players. Each player is equipped with a jet pack and a pulse rifle in a combat challenge set in a 21st century cyberbowl and brought to you live by Channel 655!


1000CS hardware

Amiga 3000 based
Graphics :
- Texture mapping capability : no
- Number of Polygon/second : 30,000 flat shaded f: 20 f/s
- Maximum No. of moving objects : 256
- Other graphical info : flat Shaded, TMS 34020 graphic processor with TMs 34082 coprocessor
Sound :
- 1 Mb 8Bit sample memory (Stereo)
- Background music : yes, CD audio
Maximum no. of locally networked units : 4
Other technical description : Mic-Net support, supports PAL

Players: 4
Control : headset tracker, 3-D joystick


Only 350 1000CS's units were created, with 120 of these being installed inside the US. The system was sold as a Stand alone Point of Display unit, retailing for $60,000. The machine went out of production during 1994. Second-hand units currently retail for around $10,000 - $20,000.


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