Green Acres

Slot Machine published by WMS Gaming, Inc.

Green Acres screenshot

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Green Acres © WMS Gaming.


* Haystack Bonus : three or more scattered Haystack symbols triggers the Haystack Bonus. The player selects one of the haystacks. The haystack blows away to reveal either a credit award, Arnold’s Wild Bonus on the topbox, or the Hotcake Bonus. If a credit award is won, the player sees a funny animation of Lisa taking a shower, Eb milking a cow, or Mr. and Mrs. Ziffel kissing.

* Arnold's Wild Bonus : if Arnold's Wild Bonus is won, the lights turn off one by one until a final light awards 2–7 wilds to the player. Random reel symbols are turned into wilds. The base game is then evaluated for all winning combinations.

* Hotcake Bonus : if Hotcake Bonus is won, the second screen bonus is triggered. The player sees a dining room table surrounded by 6 Green Acres characters with empty plates. Lisa stands behind the table making hotcakes. The player chooses one of the 6 characters and then Lisa flips the hotcakes to characters' plates. The player wins whatever lands on their selected character’s plate. They may, however, choose to take one of their neighbor's plates, or shuffle the plates randomly. The chosen character then eats all the hotcakes off of their plate. The player now selects another character and Lisa serves another round of hotcakes. The player may again use their 'lifelines' to alter the outcome. Each type of 'lifeline' may be used only once per bonus. There are 3 in total. The bonus continues until the player cannot win a hotcake in a round.

* Expanding Wild Feature : if a Wild symbol lands in the middle row, it expands to make the symbols above and below it wild as well. Wild symbols are found on all reels but only expand when landing on the middle row of reels.

* Local Area Progressive : the Super Progressive LAP is awarded when 5 scattered Haystack symbols appear on the reels with max bet played. The Mega Progressive LAP is awarded when 6 or more scattered Haystack symbols appear on the reels with max bet played. Randomly, 4 Haystack symbols award the Super Progressive with max bet played.