Greedy Banker

A Fruit Machine by JPM International

Not emulated in MAME


Greedy Banker © 200? JPM International.

Greedy Banker is a 3-reel machine which contains fruits and overprinted numbers and red bars.

3 overprinted red bars will open the Stock Market feature. The numbers complete a 7-stage trail and any overflowed numbers advance up the cash trail. Any incomplete trail can hold over to improve the chances of completion. The main feature consists of a lapper board whereby the player can collect progressive Cash, Features, Nudges and Win spins.

If the player collects 3 safes, they are awarded access to the top feature: The Stock Market. In the centre of the top glass there is a large 3-digit LED. Using the dial button underneath, the player has to dial in a code and try to blow the safe to win cash. The closer the player is to breaking the code, the higher the cash offer. The code the game selects is completely random from 000 to 999.

An initial amount of shots to blow the safe to win the Super Stock Market Streak are offered depending on the achieved board positions. If the player runs out of shots they may continue travelling around the board to gain more shots or collect one of the prizes offered, and play for the streak!


Greedy Banker the Fruit Machine
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