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Great American Golf 2 [Model 819 0041]

Phillips CD-i disc published 30 years ago by Xdra, Ltd.

Listed in MAME

Great American Golf 2 © 1994 Xdra

Journey through time to see and hear the players, courses and events featured in the USGA championship golf. Great American Golf 1 spans the early days of golf, and Great American Golf 2 covers events from the 1960's to the 1990's. Both include segments of full-motion-video TV highlights. You'll get the complete story of modern American golf. Then land at Pebble Beach for a sudden death playoff with Iron Byron, The Babe, and Ben in Golf 2 or at the Far Hills Course in Golf 1. Or you can try your luck at the all-time greatest golf quiz.


Model 819 0041


Designer: Sally Howard (Sketchy)
Techie Director: Peter Wilson
Project Manager: Richard Soppelsa
Scriptwriter: David Earl
Game Software and all the rest during the course of production: Stuie Pilkington
Quiz Software: Kevin Higgins (Yer Man)
Animation: Chris Beech (Sandy)
Visuals: Sam Toms (Son Of), Rachel Butcher
Game Illustrations: Steve Sharpe
Quiz Cartoons: Mark Bonsor
Software Support: Freeland Studios, The Alans'
Executive Producer: Alan MacNaught (Och, No)
Producer: Ted Toms (Erm)
Thanks to: Ann Diskbreaker, Many Dutch


Game's ROM.