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Grand Prix

Pinball published 19 years ago by Stern Pinball, Inc.

Listed in MAME

Grand Prix © 2005 Stern Pinball.



Released in August 2005.


CPU Release Version : 2.00
Date : August 23, 2005
- This is the first production release of GRAND PRIX.

DISPLAY Release Version : 3.02
Date : September 21, 2005
- Fixed Leader Board Types that always displayed 5th Place

CPU Release Version : 3.01
Date : September 12, 2005
- Fixed coinage settings for Taiwan and South Africa
- Fixed service credit button not responding after adjusting volume
- Softened kick on truck kicker to keep ball from falling off the ramp
- Fixed hanging Final Practice jackpot lamps
- Fixed CHAMP1 count in Instant Info
- Improved firing of lower racetrack exit
- Fixed Trough Clear test in diagnostics
- Added some more lamp and sound effects
- Tournament system improved
- Game does not search endlessly if there are no balls in the trough

DISPLAY Release Version : 3.03
Date : September 23, 2005
- New Norway pricing

CPU Release Version : 3.10
Date : September 23, 2005
- Truck kicker eject softened to keep balls from flying off the ramp
- Fixed glitch in track test in diagnostics
- Improved coin-in lamp effects
- Fixed Grand Champion reset
- Extra Ball properly awards points in all modes of ToPS play
- Game obeys the Special % adjustment properly
- Fixed case where Champion Challenge would be lit again after it's end
- Made LOCK DIFFICULTY not reset R-A-C-E lamps at the start of each ball when set to 'Extra Hard'
- Fixed game restart at match and game over sequences
- ToPS improvements for South Africa
- New default Norway coin settings

CPU Release Version : 3.20
Date : September 26, 2005
- printer utility fixed due to bank overflow error

CPU Release Version : 3.21
Date : September 26, 2005
- Made truck kick softer after powerup on Grand Prix builds.


Concept by : Pat Lawlor
Design by : Louis Koziarz, Pat Lawlor
Art by : John Youssi
Dots/Animation by : Adam Rhine, Greg Dunlap
Mechanics by : John Krutsch, John Filz
Music & sound by : Chris Granner
Software by : Louis Koziarz, Chip Curtis


Game's ROM.