Gradius II - GOFER no Yabou [Model GX785]

Arcade Video game published 35 years ago by Konami Industry Co., Ltd.

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Gradius II - GOFER no Yabou [Model GX785] screenshot

Gradius II - GOFER no Yabou © 1988 Konami.

The third game in Konami's renowned Gradius series; the prequel being "Gradius [Model GX400]" and a spinoff called "Salamander [Model GX587]". Gradius II strictly adheres to the shoot-em-up template set out by its hugely successful predecessor, the game eschews the sideways/vertical scrolling alternate levels of Salamander and opts instead for Gradius sideways scrolling-only mechanic. This game is rightly considered to be one of the most demanding and difficult shoot-em-ups ever released.


Konami Twin 16 Hardware
Game ID: GX785

Main CPU: 2 x 68000 @ 10MHz
Sound CPU: Zilog Z80
Sound chip: Yamaha 2151 + 3012, UPD7759C and a 007232 Konami Custom Chip

Players: 2
Control: 8-way joystick
Buttons: 3


Gradius II was released in March 1988 in Japan.

The title of this game translates from Japanese as 'Gradius II - GOFER's Ambition'.

This game is known outside Japan as "Vulcan Venture [GX785]".

A three-part Ova anime based on the Gradius series was released in Japan within a year after the release of Gradius II. It follows the adventures of Dan, Stephanie, and Eddie - Three ace pilots who hope to save their planet from the forces of the Bacterion empire. Later on in the series, they are joined by Lord British, the Prince of Latis.

Apollon Music released a limited-edition soundtrack album for this game (Space Odyssey, Gradius II - Gofer no yabou - BY30-5202) on 21/07/1988.


* Power meters:
1) Option 1: Nemesis
- Missile: Falls to the ground, then slides along it until it hits something.
- Double: Fires a bullet at 45 degrees up as well as forward.
- Laser: Replaces your bullets with a blue beam.
2) Option 2: Mega-Destruction
- Spread Bomb: Large explosion of death.
- Tail Gun: Fires backwards as well as forwards.
- Laser: The infamous Toothpaste Laser.
3) Option 3: The Third Way
- Photon Torpedo: Similar to standard missile, but goes straight through enemies.
- Double: Fires a bullet at 45 degrees up as well as forward.
- Pulse: Salamander's ripple laser.
4) Option 4: Salamander
- 2-Way: Bombs fall up and down.
- Tail Gun: Fires backwards as well as forwards.
- Pulse: Salamander's ripple laser, in a nice shade of red.


1. Gradius [Model GX400] (1985, ARC)
2. Gradius 2 [Model RC751] (1987, MSX)
3. Gradius II - GOFER no Yabou [Model GX785] (1988, ARC)
4. Gradius III - Densetsu Kara Shinwa-e [Model GX945] (1989, ARC)
5. Nemesis '90 Kai [Model GS-166] (1993, X68K)
6. Solar Assault - Gradius (1997, ARC)
7. Gradius Gaiden (1997, PSX)
8. Gradius IV - Fukkatsu (1998, ARC)
9. Gradius Generation [Model AGB-AGAJ-JPN] (2001, GBA)
10. Gradius V [Model SLPM-62462] (2004, PS2)
11. Gradius Neo (2004, NTT DoCoMo i-mode Phones)
12. Gradius Neo Imperial (2005, NTT DoCoMo i-mode Phones)
13. Gradius Wide (2007, NTT DoCoMo i-mode Phones)
14. Gradius Rebirth [Model RVL-WGDJ-JPN] (2008, WII)


japan Nintendo Famicom (dec.16, 1988) "Gradius II [Model RC832]"
japan NEC PC-Engine Super CD-ROMĀ² (dec.18, 1992) "Gradius II - GOFER no Yabou [Model KMCD2003]"
japan Sega Saturn (mar.29, 1996) "Gradius Deluxe Pack [Model T-9509G]"
japan Sony PlayStation (mar.29, 1996) "Gradius Deluxe Pack [Model SLPS-00303]"
japan Sony PS4 [PSN] (apr.22, 2016) "Arcade Archives - Gradius II - Gofer no Yabou [Model CUSA-03606]"

japan Sony PSP (feb.9, 2006) "Gradius Portable [Model ULJM-05091]"

japan Sharp X68000 (feb.7, 1992) "Gradius II - GOFER no Yabou [Model RA957]"
PC [MS Windows] japan (feb.21, 1997) "Gradius Deluxe Pack [Model ME203-J1]"


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