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Gouketsuji Ichizoku [Model SHVC-AGKJ-JPN]

Nintendo Super Famicom cart. published 30 years ago by Atlus Co., Ltd.

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Gouketsuji Ichizoku [Model SHVC-AGKJ-JPN] screenshot

豪血寺一族 © 1994 Atlus Company, Limited.
(Gouketsuji Ichizoku)

Gouketsuji Ichizoku is a one-on-one fighting game developed by Atlus, based on their own arcade game released in 1993.

The game centers around a tournament held every 165 years to determine the leader of the Gougetsuji Clan. There are eight playable characters to choose from: Annie Hamilton, Keith Wayne, Reiji Ooyama, Hattori Saizoh, Angela Belti, White Buffalo Thin-nen, and the elderly Gouketsuji Otane. The final boss of the game is Gouketsuji Oume, the current leader of the clan and twin sister of Otane.

The game features elements and controls that will be familiar to fans of the fighting game genre, particularly those who enjoy Capcom's Street Fighter series. Players have a range of moves at their disposal, including weak and strong punches and kicks, as well as special moves activated using traditional quarter and half circles on the D-Pad. These special moves can unleash the full potential of each fighter, ranging from traditional Spiral Kicks and Dragon Punches to more unconventional attacks like Flying Denture Attacks and transformations.

In addition to the main game mode, Gouketsuji Ichizoku also offers a variety of additional play modes, including Vs. Battle, Practice Mode, Time Attack, Life Attack, and even a Karaoke mode.

Goodies for Gouketsuji Ichizoku [Model SHVC-AGKJ-JPN]
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BARCODE: 4 984995 300092


Released on October 14, 1994 in Japan for 10500 Yen.

This Super Famicom version is surprisingly close to the original arcade game. The conversion was slightly toned down though (the blood was omitted) and fighting arenas were simplified (the arcade game has beautiful and intricate backgrounds).

Export releases:
[US] "Power Instinct [Model SNS-AGKE-USA]"

Goodies for Gouketsuji Ichizoku [Model SHVC-AGKJ-JPN]
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Game's ROM.