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Gorf [Model 80010]

Atari 2600 cart. published 42 years ago by Gabriel Industries

Listed in MAME

Gorf [Model 80010] screenshot

Gorf © 1982 Gabriel Industries [CBS division].

A home version of the Bally/Midway arcade game.

The object of GORF is to accumulate points by destroying the various types of enemy spacecraft you will encounter as you attempt to complete a variety of space missions.

Before taking off into space, you must first defend the Earth from the horde of advancing Gorfs and Droids. These invaders descend in column formation and drop dangerous anti-matter bombs. When the entire attack matrix is destroyed you will proceed on to your next mission. If any of the invaders should reach the Earth's surface before you've destroyed them, this mission will be terminated and your Fighter will be sacrificed.

This orbital zone is the Gorfian Empire's first line of defense against your counterattack. You must destroy the anti-particle Laser Ship while avoiding its deadly beam. The Laser Ship is protected by three Kamikaze Invaders and a Flying Gorf. The Kamikaze Invaders will each continuously try to ram into you as you attempt to blast them all. If the Laser Ship is blown up before all the Kamikazes and the Gorf are destroyed, a new Laser Ship will take its place within four seconds. Points are scored for all enemies shot and destroyed. No points are scored for Kamikaze Invaders blown up in a suicide-crash. When all attack ships are destroyed, you will move on to your next battle.

You are getting closer to the enemy Flag Ship! Sensing your presence, it generates an eerie space web which releases Gorfian attackers firing sub quark torpedoes. Attackers are released one at a time and fly in a spiral pattern. Each one is a different color and will continue to attack until destroyed by a blast of your laser. A destroyed attacker sends out an audible distress signal as it blows up. When you succeed in destroying all five attackers, you'll be ready for your next and most challenging mission.

To destroy the Gorfian Flag Ship and earn the right to work toward your next promotion, you must score a direct hit in the Flag Ship's internal power reactor vent. In order to get a clear shot at this difficult target, you must also avoid the heat-seeking tracking missiles being launched in your direction. Following a successful hit, a violent neutronium explosion will appear in dazzling color as the Flag Ship disintegrates. You have been promoted to the next rank and will repeat the sequence of missions fighting against progressively faster and nastier robots of the Gorfian Empire!

The game ends when all of your Interstellar Space Fighters have been destroyed by the robot warriors of the Gorfian Empire.


Model 80010


Developed by Roklan.

Programmers: Alex Leavens, Joe Gaucher


Game's ROM.