Golden Axe

The Sega Genesis Game by SEGA of America, Inc. (EXPORT VERSION)

Not emulated in MAME


[CONSOLE] Sega Genesis Game

Golden Axe © 1989 Sega of America.

North American release.

Text from this version's back cover:

In Turtle Village, the children are fleeing for their lives! The invaders are brutal, ugly, and 12 feet tall, with huge arms and bellowing laughs. They love pounding you into the dirt!

It's a spellbinding age of magic, fire-spewing dragons, and skeletons in armor! Fight on the back of a giant turtle! Battle on the wings of an enchanted eagle! Vanquish and ride flame-breathing monsters to victory!

As the Warrior, swing a mighty sword and shatter your enemies with clouds of mushroom magic. As the Amazon, kick, smash, and blast your enemies with curtains of fire. As the Dwarf, strike with the Golden Axe, somersault, and scorch the invaders with lightning!

Find the prison of the King and Princess, save them, and return peace to the world. So far, the score is Death Adder - thousand, You - zero. It's time to change the score!


Bar Code: 0 10086 01106 7


Golden Axe for Genesis was released on December 22, 1989 in North America. It was then re-released in 1992 as a Sega Classic edition; "Golden Axe [Sega Classic] [Model 1106C]".


usa Sega CD (oct.15, 1992) "Sega Classics Arcade Collection [Model T-4127]"
usa Sega CD (1994) "Sega Classics Arcade Collection (5 in 1) [Model 4127]"
usa Sega Genesis (1996) "6-Pak [Model 1717]"
usa Sega Dreamcast (mar.31, 2001) "Sega Smash Pack Vol. 1 [Model 51146]"
usa Sega Dreamcast (jan.31, 2001) "Sega Smash Pack Vol. 1 [Model 51146]"
usa Sony PS2 (nov.7, 2006) "Sega Genesis Collection [Model SLUS-21542]"
Nintendo Wii [Virtual Console] usa (nov.28, 2006) [Model MAEE]
Sony PlayStation 3 usa (feb.10, 2009) "Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection [Model BLUS-30259]"
Microsoft XBOX 360 usa (feb.10, 2009) "Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection [Model 68034]"
Microsoft XBOX 360 [XBLA] usa (may.30, 2012) "Sega Vintage Collection - Golden Axe"

usa Nintendo GBA (sept.23, 2002) "Sega Smash Pack [Model AGB-A3PE-USA]"
usa Sony PSP (nov.16, 2006) "Sega Genesis Collection [Model ULUS-10192]"

usa PC [MS Windows, CD-ROM] (feb.1999) "Sega Smash Pack"
PC [MS Windows, CD-ROM] japan (june.23, 2000) "Sega Archives from USA Vol. 1"
PC [Steam] usa (june.1, 2010) "Golden Axe [Model 34276]" : both stand-alone and as part of "Sega Genesis Classics Pack 1"
PC [MS Windows, DVD-ROM] usa (mar.15, 2011) "Sega Genesis Classic Collection - Gold Edition"
PC [Steam] usa (mar.25, 2011) "SEGA Genesis Classics Collection"

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