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Gold Fish

Slot Machine published 21 years ago by WMS Gaming, Inc.

Not listed in MAME yet

Gold Fish screenshot

Gold Fish © 2003 WMS Gaming.

Players will have an entertaining time collecting credits with the fishes. In the Bubble bonus if the player bets an additional 10 credits after buying all lines, 5 fish will appear in the top screen swimming around an aquarium. Randomly, a fish bowl appears on the bottom screen. One of the 5 fish jumps to the bottom, awarding a bonus. The bonus awarded depends on which fish jumps into the bowl. In the Fish Food bonus three or more scattered Fish Food symbols trigger the Fish Food Bonus. Players choose from a set of fish food jars. Matching 3 identical kinds of food feeds that fish, awarding a credit amount. Finding a 4th matching fish food awards that credit amount again. Finding 3 turtle foods brings up an end pick of 3 turtles for a final credit award.


Available in 20 and 25 line.


Released in May 2003.


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