Giant Letters

Bally Astrocade type-in published 44 years ago by Fabris, Robert

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Giant Letters © 1979 Fabris, Robert [San Jose, CA, USA].

Giant program on page 45 of ARCADIAN 1, no. 6 (May. 4, 1979) can be 'clarified' by replacing line 105 with the statement X=0; GOSUB C . The zero will stop the machine's printing after it finishes the AN of ARCADIAN. What is happening is - the machine has been set into a printing mode and it keeps on going until it hits an internal halt. The X=0 sets such a halt thru the POKE function, where you want it.


Published in ARCADIAN 1, no. 7 (Jun 15, 1979): 47.


Programmers: Glenn Pogue, Bob Fabris