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Ghouls'n Ghosts [Model 23]

Sega Mega-Tech cart. published 35 years ago by SEGA Enterprises, Ltd.

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Ghouls'n Ghosts [Model 23] screenshot

Ghouls'n Ghosts © 1989 Capcom / Sega.

So much has happened since Arthur rescued Gunievere from the Goblin King and then left home to battle far away from home. Demons have now seized the kingdom and Arthur returns home only to watch the castle's lone survivor, his beloved Gunievere slain before his eyes by Lucifer himself! Now Arthur embarks once again in a one-man battle against the demonic dwellers of the night in order to save Gunievere's soul in this arcade classic. Features excellent gothic-style graphics & sound, improved control & a devilish challenge that will put pros to the test. Love never dies...


Runs on the "Mega-Tech System" hardware.
Cartridge ID: 610-0239-23


Released in August 1989.

Suleputer released a limited-edition soundtrack album for this game (Makaimura Music Collection - CPCA-10128~34) on 28/12/2005 containing music from the original arcade and Sega Mega Drive/Genesis series.


* Invincibility : At the title screen, press A(x4), Up(x2), Down(x2), Left, Right, Left, Right, B and Start.

* Japanese Mode : Enter the Options menu. Choose '26' for the music and '56' for sound selections, then hold Downleft+A+B+C+Start.

* Slow-Mo Cheat : At the title screen press Up, A, Down, A, Left, A, Right, A. Begin the game, press Start to pause and hold B and unpause to resume gameplay in Slow-Motion.

* Stage Select : Press Up, Down, Left, Right repeatedly at the title screen. You'll hear a harp if you did it right and the words 'Push Start Button' are flashing. To choose your stage, you must hold specific buttons down when you press START at this menu as follows :
Stage 1-2 - Hold A and press Start.
Stage 2-1 - Hold Up+B and press Start.
Stage 2-2 - Hold Up+A and press Start.
Stage 3-1 - Hold Down+B and press Start.
Stage 3-2 - Hold Down+A and press Start.
Stage 4-1 - Hold Left+B and press Start.
Stage 4-2 - Hold Left+A and press Start.
Stage 5-1 - Hold Right+B and press Start.
Stage 5-2 - Hold Right+A and press Start.
Final boss - Hold Downright+A and press Start.


Game's ROM.
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