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Gex [Model SLUS-00042]

Sony PlayStation CD published 29 years ago by Crystal Dynamics

Listed in MAME

Gex © 1995 Crystal Dynamics.


Game ID: SLUS-00042


Released in December 01, 1995 in USA.

The game was rated K-A (Kids to Adults, generally suitable for all ages) by ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board).

Export releases:
[EU] "Gex [Model SLES-00133]"
[JP] "Gex [Model SLPS-00244]"


Executive Producer: Adam Lancman
Technical Director: Andrew Lacey
Lead Programmer: Jason Bell
Programmers: Andrew Lacey, Christian Schladetsch, Peter Litwiniuk, Shane Lontis
Additional Artwork: John Tsiglev
Testing: Shane Collier, Aaron Smith, Gary Ireland

Producer: David Sze
Assistant Producer: Rosaura Sandoval
Product Manager: Chip Blundell
Test Manager: Conan Tigard
Lead Tester: Lawrence Monji
Assistant Lead Testers: Anthony Borba, Abraham Navarro, Jeff Sanders
Testers: Edward Chennault, Caroline Esmurdoc, Jacob Espinoza, Scott Hill, John Lencioni, Billy Mitchell, Christopher Pappalardo, Raphael Pepi, Kam Ralston, Rodney Rapp, Kenny Reeves, Sheatiel Sarao, Mari N. Schaal, Ben Schulz, Kevin Seiter, Eric Simonich, Randy Smaha, William Sudderth, Jeff Todd, Chris Walker, Matthew Young, Serguei Savtchenko, Ilya Reeves
Manual: Carol Ann Hanshaw
Special Thanks: E. Daniel Arey, Susan Bowman, Jennifer Bulka, Jean Burrell, Madeline Canepa, Daniel Chan, Alan Chaplan, Don Dacanay, Dan Dorosin, Robert K. Dyer, J. Epps, Chris Espinosa, Chang F. Fadel, Ted Fitzgerald, Steve Groll, Jon Horsley, David Kirk, Randy Komisar, Adrian Longland, Alex Ness, Olga Rosenbrook, Michelle Smith, Scott A. Steinberg, Evan Wells, Lloyd Pique

Concept: Lyle J. Hall
Core Team: G‑Man, Justin Norr, Mira F. Ross, Lyle J. Hall
Lead Programmer: G‑Man
Programmer (Bosses & A.I. System): Daniel Chan
Programmer (BLT, Maps & Glue Screen): Mei-yu Li
Programmer (Stunt Coding): Troy D. Gillette
Lead Artist: Mira F. Ross
Artists: Steve Kongsle, Steve M. Suhy, Shawn McLean, Silicon Knights, Kirk Henderson
Lead Game Designer: Justin Norr
Game Design: Justin Norr, Evan Wells, Richard Lemarchand
A.I Scripting: Susan Michele, Jeremy Bredow, Adrianne M. Canfil
Intro & Outro 3-D Animation: Windlight Studios, Mira F. Ross, Steve Kongsle, Lyle J. Hall, Scott A. Steinberg
Producer: Lyle J. Hall
Writer: Robert Cohen, Dana Gould
GEX Voice: Dana Gould
Vice President Marketing: Scott A. Steinberg
Additional Design: Noah Hughes
Additional Art: Jean Z. Xiong
IGOT Tool Support: Sean Vikoren
CYGS Tool Support: Jeff Kesselman
Video Compression: Dan Brazelton

Sound FX: Greg Weber, Steven S. Henifin


Game's CD.