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Gauntlet - The Third Encounter [Model PA2024]

Atari Lynx cart. published 34 years ago by Atari Corp.

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Gauntlet - The Third Encounter © 1990 Atari Corp.

Gauntlet is a 40 level fantasy quest game for one to four players.

The Power of Magic!
The old storyteller in the market square peers at you through rheumy eyes. You have spent days here at the fair, mesmerized by his tales of the haunted castle on a nearby mountain. The castle looms over your valley, ghostly spires rising through the mist. Tales of frightening beasts and enchanted potions, ghosts, ghouls and secret passageways have held you spellbound. But what fascinates you most of all is the story of the enchanted gem which fell from the stars one night to the base of the castle.

This happened many generations ago. Even at that time the castle was deserted. The Star Gem landed in an explosion of fire that illuminated the countryside for miles. And in the eerie light, loathsome creatures crept forth from the castle and transported the bright treasure into the foul depths of the towered fortress. All attempts to seek out the gem failed. The seekers were destroyed.

Your eyes closed, you shiver as you listen. Suddenly you jump, and your eyes open wide. A bony hand grasps your shoulder. You stare into the eyes of the old storyteller. 'You have courage', he rasps. "All the others edge away when I tell of the Star Gem, but not you. Do you have the courage to hear the reminder of the tale?" You nod silently. "The creatures in the castle gain magical strength from the Star Gem. Unless the gem is removed from the castle, the evil ones within will soon have the strength to venture forth and destroy our world."

The old storyteller releases your shoulder, picks up his rucksack, and turns away. He pauses on the edge of the market square and turns to face you. In his ancient eyes you see a challenge... and a plea. You must now take up the quest to rescue the Star Gem... and your world!


Model PA2024

The following table list the number of points you receive for accomplishing tasks and destroying certain dungeon denizens.
Slimes 0
Spider 1
Ladybug 4
Ghost 10
Cactus 15
Frog 15
Monk 15
Scorpion 20
Land Shark 40
Opening a Door 100
Boulder 255

* Level Skip: Begin a new game, but do not move your character from the starting position. Press OPTION 1 to skip to level 5 and repeat the trick to go to levels 10, 15 and 20.


1. Gauntlet (1985, Arcade)
2. Gauntlet II (1986, Arcade)
3. Gauntlet - The Deeper Dungeons (1987, Level pack for 8-bit computers)
4. Gauntlet [Model NES-GL-USA] (1988, NES)
5. Gauntlet - The Third Encounter [Model PA2024] (1990, Lynx)
6. Gauntlet III - The Final Quest (1991, Atari ST)
7. Gauntlet 4 (1993, Mega Drive)
8. Gauntlet Legends (1998, Arcade)
9. Gauntlet Dark Legacy (2000, Arcade)
10. Gauntlet Seven Sorrows (2006, PS2/XBOX)


Programmer: Jon Leupp


Game's ROM.