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Gauntlet [Model ASC1002]

Atari 2600 cart. published 41 years ago by ASC

Listed in MAME

Gauntlet [Model ASC1002] screenshot

Gauntlet © 1983 ASC.

You are the great explorer, Sir Robert Wittenbottom. You have discovered an ancient civilization deep within the forest of a mysterious island. Since you're a likable old fellow, they have decided to induct you into their council of warriors. But first you must prove your worthiness by running the gauntlet.

You are given three glasses of water. You must run through the gauntlet to the ceremonial fires and use your water to put them out. You current glass of water will then be refilled then it is off to the next fire.

Of course, it is not that easy. You must jump over rocks and logs, duck under stones, arrows and tomahawks, and avoid hitting trees or touching the sides of the gauntlet.You can ease the thirst of the old men you come across for points but it will cost you water. The game is over when you run out of your third glass of water. To jump, just press the fire button. To duck, pull back then press the fire button.


Model ASC 1002

Left switch:
A=joystick less responsive, more challenging
B=joystick more responsive, less challenging

Right switch:
A=jumping and ducking more difficult
B=jumping and ducking less difficult


Despite the title, this game has nothing to do with Atari's Gauntlet arcade game.

This game was never sold with a box, just a flimsy foam casing. It was only available via mail order direct from the company.

Jump over a rock or a log = 50 points
Duck under an arrow, stone or tomahawk = 100 points
Give an old man a drink of water = 250 points
Duck under the Secret Talisman = 500 points
Extinguish the ceremonial flame = 500 points

Programmer: Mike Wentz


Game's ROM.