Garou Densetsu Special [Model SHVC-3R]

The Nintendo Super Famicom Game by Takara Co., Ltd.

Garou Densetsu Special [Model SHVC-3R] screenshot

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[CONSOLE] Nintendo Super Famicom Game

Garou Densetsu Special © 1994 Takara Company, Limited.

They're back... and burning for revenge!

Hit the Streets fighting with an all-star lineup including Geese Howard, Tung Fu Rue and Duck King, more 3D attack moves than ever before, new special attacks for non-stop thrills and action, "Super Attacks" for inflicting maximum damage on opponents when your life gauge reaches critical and mind-blowing Dolby surround sound and stunning graphics.

32 megs of simultaneous two player action!


[Model SHVC-3R]


Garou Densetsu Special for SFC was presented at the 1994 Tokyo Omocha Show in Japan. It was then released on July 29, 1994 in Japan.


Special guest appearance by Ryo Sakazaki - clear the game without a single loss to come face-to-face with the "Fighting Dragon" for the ultimate battle!

To fight as Ryo Sakazaki in any game mode, wait for the TAKARA screen to appear, then enter in one continuous motion Down, Down-Right, Right, Down-Right, Down, Down-Left, Left and X button. The logo at the title screen changes to blue to confirm correct code entry.

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