Game of 23 Matches

BASIC soft. type-in published 48 years ago by DEC

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Game of 23 Matches © 1973 DEC [Digital Equipment Corp.]

The computer challenges the player in a simple two-player strategy game. There's a pile of matches (the player decides the size) and each turn the player and computer may take one, two or three matches from the pile. The player to take the last match loses.


Published in July 1973 as a type-in program in the 101 BASIC Computer Games book.


Written by: Bob Albrecht


* Computers:
Altair 8800 (1975) as Game: Matches
Wang 2200 (1975) as Matches
PTC-Sol 20 (1977) as Matches
KIM-1 (1977) as Black Match
Commodore PET (1978) as Matches


Game's Code.