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Gals Panic II

Arcade Video game published 31 years ago by Kaneko Co., Ltd.

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Gals Panic II screenshot

Gals Panic II © 1993 Kaneko.

Gals Panic II is a "Qix"-style adult puzzle game. The objective is to reveal 80% of the silhouetted girl's image within the time limit while avoiding the enemies.

There is a bar with a pointer at the top of the screen. If the pointer dips below a certain level (indicated by the change in color) the image will change to that of a monster. If a round is completed while the monster's image is shown then the round must be repeated. But unlike in the original, the bar is unaffected by revealing the silhouetted and un-silhouetted parts of the image.

After completing three rounds, there is a break-out styled mini-game where the player may gain an extra life if he clears the blocks before the time limit.

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Main CPU : (2x) Motorola 68000 (@ 16 Mhz)
Sound Chips : (2x) OKI6295 (@ 12 Khz)

Players : 2
Control : 8-way joystick
Buttons : 3


Released in December 1993.

Unlike the first game in the series, 'Gals Panic!' the player can no longer connect to the outside border of the image. This is a feature that will continue throughout the rest of the series.

Do You Know ? : Kaneko's scouts are travelling to every corner of the globe in search of the world's sexiest, most beautiful girls. They will surely live up to your wildest fantasies and satisfy your desires. ;-)

This game was refused classification in Australia on August 9th 1996, after being submitted by the Victorian Police.

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1. Gals Panic! (1990)
2. Gals Panic II (1993)
3. Gals Panic II' - Special Edition (1994)
4. Gals Panic 3 (1995)
5. Gals Panic 4 Yuu (1996)
6. Gals Panic SS (1996, Sega Saturn)
7. Gals Panic S - Extra Edition (1997)
8. Gals Panic S2 (1999)
8. Gals Panic SU (1999)
9. Gals Panic S3 (2002)


Program : M. Kanaoka, Yukihiro Yamazaki
Program support : Y. Shintani, Masahiro Honma, Y. Sakakura, A. Takahashi, S. Igaeashi
Graphics design : Y. Ishii, K. Matsuoka, Y. Nakamura, T. Kuwahara, K. Fukai, M. Narukawa, Y. Ozaki, T. Yoshikawa, Y. Kubo
Sound design : Tatsuya Watanabe, Y. Wada
Hardware design : H. Morinaga
Develop management : K. Murakami
Develop support : F. Mitsuti, N. Tada, K. Nobori
Planning & direction : Hiroshi Kaneko


Nintendo Super NES: Unreleased prototype.


Game's ROM.