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Galaxy Force

Export Sega Master System cart. published 35 years ago by Activision, Inc.

Listed in MAME

Galaxy Force screenshot

Galaxy Force © 1989 Activision, Incorporated.

North American release. Description from the back cover:


Not double, not triple, but four times the playing power of a regular cartridge. You get the hottest space combat, the baddest explosions, and the coolest sounds ever!
Journey to four different planets, each with stunning but deadly landscapes.
There's so many awesome enemies, you won't have time to stargaze!

The friendly folks on the Fire Planet love a barbeque. You're on tonight's menu as a Galactic Grilled Special.

Take off from the Command Center. If things go well, you'll vaporize a couple of planets and be back in time for lunch.

Everyone's allergic to Buzz. Be sure to pack your bee sting kit (and your missile cannons) before take off.

Rush hour traffic in the Junos Galaxy. Don't honk, just shoot.

Gut check time Inside the enemy Death Tunnel. You're now as close to victory as you are to your last breath.


US Credit only:

Produced by: Tom Sloper
Product Specialist: Perry Rodgers
Product testing by: Tom Bellamy
Product management by: John Crompton
Player’s Guide by: Hunter Cone


Game's ROM.