Galaxy Deka Gayvan [Model IGCD3005]

A 25-year-old NEC PC-Engine CD Game by Intec, Inc.

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Galaxy?? Gayvan © 1993 Intec, Incorporated.

(Galaxy Deka Gayvan)

Galaxy Deka Gayvan (Galaxy Detective Gayvan) is a side scrolling beat'em up published by Intec and developed by Fill in Cafe. The evil criminal Ballas and his army of alien henchmen have taken over the city and are poised to conquer the entire planet. Two members of the Galaxy police detective group are dispatched to counter the threat - the young Hiro Aoyama (aka Gayvan) and the police-girl Michiki Akasaka (aka Mittchi). The game follows a standard beat'em up formula - a walk from left to right, punching out enemies until the screen unlocks and all this within a time limit. Both heroes come with standard fighting moves - they can punch, kick, jump or grab and throw their opponents in the air. However, Galaxy Deka Gayvan introduces a new element into the genre. The two fighters accumulate Cored? energy as they fight their way across the levels, and they can use this energy to summon special power-suits at any time during the game (activated by pressing Select). The power-suits allow them to deal a lot more damage and also grant then new fighting abilities, such as the super-speed dash or the lightning-bolt punch. Defeated enemies drop all kind of items such as traditional health containers, but also Cor capsules, time extensions or score items such as gold, money bags and so forth. Galaxy Deka Gayvan features seven levels, as well as a two simultaneous player mode and a special Omake Versus mode where two players can fight one another in a more traditional, one-on-one fashion.
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Game ID: IGCD3005


Galaxy Deka Gayvan was released on October 29, 1993 in Japan for 7800 Yen.


Debug option screen:
On the game menu screen, enter the option mode and press Down, Up, I, Left, II, Right, Run, Select, Run, Select, II, Right, I, Left and Run. If done correctly, a new debug option screen should appear where you can listen to the game's musics, sound effects, pick a level or see all the game's cutscenes.


Developed by Fill in Café.

Game's ROM.
Game's description by Laurent Kermel;