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Galaxian [Model CX5206]

Atari 5200 cart. published 42 years ago by Atari, Inc.

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Galaxian [Model CX5206] screenshot

Galaxian © 1982 Atari, Incorporated.

Your game objective is to destroy the Galaxian fleet before it destroys you. In doing so, you score points--the player with the most points wins. Galaxian battle strategy is to attack in a succession of accelerating waves; each wave fiercer than the last. Waves are depicted with flags at the top, right corner of the screen (see Figure 1 for flags). One flag appears during the first wave, two flags during the second wave, and so on. There is a total of 32 waves in the GALAXIAN game; if you survive beyond wave 16, you're a real pro.

You start the game with three intergalactic command ships--one at the line of battle and two reserves at the top, center of the screen as shown in Figure 1. Slide your command ship right and left to dodge Galaxian fire. At the same time, fire intergalactic missiles to protect your command ship. You lose a command ship each time it is hit by either a Galaxian missile or a collision with a Galaxian. When all three command ships have been destroyed, the game is over.

The Galaxian fleet lines up in ranking order before individually plunging down, bombarding your ship, and then flying back to the lineup. That is, if you don't shoot them first! These creatures are cagey, they'll tease you, diving down, firing, and then dodging your intergalactic fire. The excitement builds as the battle gets tougher. This game requires some quick evasive action and lots of planned strategy. The longer you survive, the more surprises you're in for. You never know what the Galaxian fleet has up their sleeves. Be on the lookout for just about anything.

The GALAXIAN game includes 10 skill levels, 0 through 9, and one easy version for beginners.
The easy version allows you to destroy the Galaxian fleet without them firing back at you. The only way you can lose a turn in this version is by head-on collision with a Galaxian.
Games 0 through 9 offer varying degrees of challenge; Game 0 is relatively easy and Game 9 is very difficult. The Galaxian fleet fires at you throughout these games. In the harder games they fire faster with more missiles. In some games they fire in a noticeable pattern, while in others they fire randomly.
All GALAXIAN games may be played by one or two players, each taking turns until their command ship is destroyed. In the case of a two-player game using two 5200 controllers, the player using jack 1 is player 1. In two-player games with one 5200 controller or a TRAK-BALL, simply pass the controller between turns.


Model CX5206

Flagships 60 Points.
Hornets 50 Points.
Emissaries 40 Points.
Drones 30 Points.
Destroying a Flagship in flight earns you bonus points as follows
Flagship with no Escorts 150 Points.
Flagship with one Escort 200 Points.
Flagship with two Escorts 300 Points.
Destroy Both Escorts then the Flagship 800 Points.

* In Games 0 through 9, when a Flagship is destroyed in flight, the rest of the fleet stops firing for a few seconds of mourning. This is your big chance to get the escorts and any other warriors that you can. This may be the only time that they aren't firing at you.

* It's a good idea to play a few games at the easy level when you're just learning to play GALAXIAN. This will help you develop skill and strategy.

* Always have a strategical escape planned to avoid patterns of missile attacks. Think fast and scan the screen for methods of outsmarting the Galaxian fleet.

* Some members of the Galaxian fleet are incredibly difficult to destroy, but with practice you'll even outsmart them!


Programmer: Joseph Tung
Graphics: Alan Murphy


Game's ROM.