Galaga & Galaxian [Model DMG-AGCJ-JPN]

Nintendo Game Boy Cart. published 28 years ago by NAMCO

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Galaga & Galaxian [Model DMG-AGCJ-JPN] screenshot

Galaga & Galaxian © 1995 Namco, Limited.

Galaga: The Galaga Military Front has Launched a Full Attack!
Accompanied by an escort of evil Zakos and Goei guards, the Boss Galagas attempt to lock you into their tractor beams. Beat the relentless aliens at their own cruel game by uncovering the secret of the Dual Fighter and unleashing your powered-up wrath on the swooping creatures. Test your aim and build up your ship reserves in the Challenging Stages, too!

Galaxian: Pilot the Galaxip and Conquer the Alien Forces!
You are a lone Galaxian warrior chosen for a mission to repel the evil Aliens. Your only defense is your trusty Galaxip. But it's only armed with a single laser cannon! It's going to be tough to turn back the horde of colorful zig-zagging Alien attackers. They'll be coming at you from all angles, but your aim is deadly and you're obviously ready to accept the challenge!




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