G.I. Joe - A Real American Hero [Model GX069]

Arcade Video game published 32 years ago by Konami Co., Ltd.

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G.I. Joe - A Real American Hero [Model GX069] screenshot

G.I. Joe - A Real American Hero © 1992 Konami.

Soldiers fight in a futuristic war against the army of an evil emperor. Unlike most army themed games, even trees and buildings can be destroyed if enough bullets are pumped into them.

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Game ID: GX069

Main CPU: Motorola 68000 (@ 16 Mhz)
Sound CPU: Zilog Z80 (@ 8 Mhz)
Sound Chips: Yamaha YM2151 (@ 3.579545 Mhz), K054539 (@ 48 Khz)

Players: Up to 4 simultaneously.
Control per player: 8-way joystick
Buttons per player: 3


G.I. Joe was released in May 1992 in Japan.

This game is mainly based in the 1980's comic books and animation series by Marvel which were based on the ever popular G.I. Joe toy line created for Hasbro Toys by Stan Weston in 1964. The G.I. Joe line were the first Action Figure toys, a term created to avoid the use of the term 'Dolls for boys'.

Players can choose from four G.I. Joe characters: Duke, Scarlett, Snake-Eyes and Roadblock. Enemies include Viper soldiers and various Cobra vehicles such as FANG II, HISS II, Razorback and Hurricane. The bosses consist of Tomax and Xamot, Metal-Head, The Baroness, Major Bludd and Destro. The final battle takes place between the G.I. Joe team and Cobra Commander.

Soundtrack Releases:
Konami All-Stars 1993 ~ Music Station of Dreams (KICA-9016~8) (December 24, 1992)


Director: Formula Jun
Game programmers: K. Tsutsui (Q16.Tsutsui), T. Yoshinobu, Masae Nakashima
Graphic designers: Sakura 28, M. Yamada, M. Yamashita
Sound designers: Tsutomu Ogura, Kenichiro Fukui
Hardware: Hashima, Y. Wajiki
Product designer: T. Nishimura
Special thanks: K. Kinugasa, Frank Pellegrini, Steve Kaufman


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