FriendlyWare P.C. Arcade

IBM PC 5.25in. disk. published 40 years ago by FriendlySoft Inc.

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FriendlyWare P.C. Arcade screenshot

FriendlyWare P.C. Arcade © 1983 FriendlySoft Inc.

A set of ten ASCII arcade games. Most games are replicas of popular arcade games from the early 80s. They are:
A) Brick Breaker (replica of "Breakout")
B) Eagle Lander (replica of "Lunar Lander")
C) Bug Blaster (replica of "Centipede")
D) Gorilla Gorilla (replica of "Donkey Kong")
E) Starfighter
F) Shooter
G) ASCII Man (replica of "Pac-Man")
H) Hopper (replica of "Frogger")
I) Robot War (replica of "Berzerk")
J) PC Derby


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