Frankenstein's Monster [Model 116008]

A 35-year-old Atari 2600 Cart. by Data Age, Inc.

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Frankenstein's Monster © 1983 Data Age, Incorporated.

In the cold dark night you make your way through the ghoulish castle of Dr. Frankenstein. There you must prevent him from completing his creation.

Your only chance is to gather stones from the dungeon and bring them to the tower where you must build a barricade around FRANKENSTEIN'S MONSTER before he has accumulated enough energy to come alive. To succeed you will have to move fast, avoiding poisonous spiders, vampire bats and terrifying ghosts. Complete the job and the village will be safe forever.

You must build a barrier around FRANKENSTEIN'S MONSTER before he is completely energized.

Player - Player must collect stones from the dungeons of Dr. Frankenstein's castle and bring them to the tower where he must construct the barrier around FRANKENSTEIN'S MONSTER.

Frankenstein's Monster - A grotesque creature that is slowly being energized. Once completely energized, he will come alive and direct his fury on the helpless villagers.

Power Probe - This device absorbs the energy released by an electrical storm and distributes it to FRANKENSTEIN'S MONSTER

Ghost - Whether real or mere illusion, these characters are equally terrifying. Contact one of them and you'll become mesmerized for a short time.

Giant Tarantula - These creatures crawl freely throughout the castle. Avoid them or their venom will temporarily immobilize you.

Spider - The dungeons of the castle are infested with these crafty pests. Without warning they'll drop upon you from the cracks in the stone ceiling. They seem determined to drive you into the deadly pool of acid.

Bat - Lurking in the dark corners are scores of bloodthirsty vampire bats who will swarm you as you make your final assault on FRANKENSTEIN'S MOSNTER.


Model 116008


In this game you will start with 500 points.
Each time you run into a ghost or a spider you will lose 20 points.
Each time you contact a bat you will lose 10 points.
Falling through a trapdoor will cost you 100 points.
If you are unfortunate enought to fall into the pool of acid, you will lose 200 points and one of your three lives.

For each stone you place around the Monster, you will gain a bonus of 500 points.
Finally, if you finish the job before your time runs out, you will gain a bonus of 100 points for each unit of time saved.
NOTE: It takes 30 units of time to energize the Monster.


The primary objective in this game is to beat the timer and enclose the Monster. A secondary objective is to complete the primary objective with the highest possible score.

If you are beginning to run out of time, you can take short cuts by jumping throught the trap doors to the platform floating in the acid. This will cost you 100 points, but it will save time.

When jumping over the pool of acid, watch closely for the spiders. They will give you about a one-second warning before they drop into your path. It is best to make your jump immediately after the spider has completed its descent.

Remember! This game gets more difficult with each stone you collect. Move as quickly as possible to save the time you will need later when you face additional trapdoors, even larger tarantulae, and movable platforms floating on the pool of acid. Be prepared for even more surprises as you get closer to completing the barrier.

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