Fox Hunt

PC/MS-Windows CD published 27 years ago by Capcom Ent., Inc.

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Fox Hunt © 1996 Capcom Ent., Inc.

Shot in 16mm, it's got the look and feel of a feature film. The sweeping plot and the complex characters. Dueling Elvises and a bad guy in mittens. And it's got you, Jack Fremont - TV trivia geek with an empty fridge, now regular-guy-turned-spy. Because here's the offer: a chance to save the world...and enough money to pay the rent. Your days of just watching the screen are over, Jack. You've got to observe. Think. Decide. Act. And watch your back - every moment, every move. You've got 24 hours to find the Fox...get free of Frank...blow the whistle on the CIR...blow the cover off the Russian mob...snatch the cash...get the girl...and return the tux. How it all ends - and there are 10 possibilities - is entirely up to you. So you see, it's not just your movie - it's your move.

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Fox Hunt was released on January 31, 1996 in the USA.

Fox Hunt was developed on a budget of $2 million. Development was largely handled by movie studio 3Vision.

Casting for the game was conducted in the second quarter of 1995. The game was filmed over 35 days, mostly at the former Ambassador Hotel, though four days were set aside for shooting skiing footage in in Aspen Colorado at Aspen Highlands, Buttermilk Mountain.


Producer: Adam Berns
Writer / Producer: Matt Pyken
Writer / Director / Designer: Michael Berns
Unit Production Manager: Mark Cohen
1st Assistant Director: Greg Zekowski
2nd Assistant Director: Fred Mandel

Jack Fremont: Andrew Bowen
Lisa Gilroy: Robia LaMorte
Frank: Timothy Bottoms
Chauncey: George Lazenby
The Wolf: Lewis Arquette
The Fox: Don Morrow
Edison Pettibone: Rob Lowe
Fred Finkle: Jerry Kernion
Croupier: Dan Martin
Dealer: Alex Kubik
Alan: Jeff Rector
Allen: Jerry Rector
Casino Dealer: Barbara Moore
Casino Manager: Bruce Fine
Police Captain: Loretta Fox
Vegas Bartender: Evan R. Press
Fernando: Buzz Belmondo
Limo Driver: Scott Zacky
Elvis: Jason Braly
Mrs. Fleckner: Sherri Lubov
Mr. Fleckner: Larry Butler
Showgirl: Carrie Ann Westcott
Sunny: Sandra Reinhardt
Danny: Vincent Bilancia
Biff: Jon Powell
Venice Bartender: David Holmes
Stunt Showgirls: Dana Hee, Laura Albert, Marjean Holden
Jack's Stunt Doubles: Jeff Eith, Vince Deadrick Jr.
Jack's Ski Double: Billy Zuikne
Cave Man: Gene Hartline
Huge Man: Sven-Ole Thorsen
Muscle Man: Peewee Piemonte
Russians (Stunts): Brad Bovee, Doug Coleman
Goons (Stunts): Diamond Farnsworth, George Ruge, Mike Adams
Snowboarders: Ben Hinkley, Matt Swanson, Jason Girardi

Music Supervisors: Jennifer Pyken, Michelle Kuznetsky
Sound Design/Supervising Editor: Glenn Auchinachie
Original Score: Mark Mothersbaugh, Denis M. Hannigan
Executive Producer: Richard Moore (CAPCOM)
Associate Producer: Berj Beramian (if, Then Games)
Product Manager: Todd Thorson
PR Manager: Melinda Mongelluzzo (CAPCOM)
Creative Services Director: Lisa Villaseñor
QA Manager: James Kucera
Tests Supervisor: Steven Okano
Testers: Roman Pangilinan, Christopher Porter, Derek DelaCruz, David Robinson, Nathan Williams, Charles Sullivan, Martin Mueller, Lenard Barries

1st Assistant Camera: James Dunn
2nd Assistant Camera: David Woodruff
Sound Mixer: Itamar Ben-Yacov
Boom Operator: Tommy Frimerman
Script Supervisor: Margaret Schnipper
Production Coordinator: Michelle McGuire
Asst.Production Coordinator: Sean Tippins
Production Assistant: Matt Fields
Music Redording Engineer: Robert Casale
Sound Effects Editors: Scott Jennings, Bill Fox
Foley Editor: Jeff Yeyveld
Foley Artist: Jim Bailey
ADR Mixer: Tom Ruff
Assistant Sound Editor: Lynda Lane
ADR Group: L.A. Loopsters
2nd Unit Director: Kris Lindquist
2nd Unit Director of Photography: Jonathan Chinn
2nd 2nd Assistant Director: James Grayford
2nd Unit Key Grip: Marcelo Colacilli
Set Production Assistants: Greg Borrud, Limor Schafman, Neil Apodaca, Jon Zarkos
Loader/A Unit 2nd: Bess Halberg
Steadicam Operator: Chad Wilson
Still Photographers: Will McGarry, Eric Lasher
Gaffer: Mike Bauman
Best Boy Electric: Josh Liberman, Matt Libatique
Electricians: Brady Harris, Rob Schmidt, Kristy Tully
Key Grip: Domenic Sfreddo
Best Boy Grip: Dean Campbell
Dolly Grip: Steve Carmer
Grips: Klaus Brodesser, Carlos de Palma, Rafael Peregrina
Make‑Up/Hair: Kimberly Fiallo, Saundra Jordon
Assistant Make‑Up/Hair: Silvia Lecaei
Casting Directors: Carolyn Long, Concetta DiMatteo
Extras Casting: Webster‑Kolich Co.
Accountant: Jordan Thau
Asst. Accountant: Suzy Sherman
Production Designer: Antoine Bonsorte
Art Director: Trae King
Set Decorators: Lisa Robyn Deutsch, Geraldine Hofstatter
On Set Decorator: Gus Olafsson
Asst. Set Decorators: Kirsten Bohman, Sabrina Bohn
Leadman: Erik Beauchamp
Prop Master: Butch Kitchen
Construction Coordinators: Bill McNamara, Thomas Krausz
Lead Carpenter: John Hemsley
Scenic Artists: Susanna Eggli, Jack Steven Alameda
Assistant Scenic Artists: Paul Feyerabend, Kevin Kim
Art Department PAs: Kevin Sharpton, Attila Kucserka
Stunt Coordinator: Steve Lambert
Special Effects Coordinator: Mike Tristano
Stand-in: Rodney Nixon
Transportation Coordinator: Fred Johnston
Video Technician: Aaron Wince
Wardrobe Designer: Zara Turgel
Costume Assistant: Carol Nathan
Craft Service: Shannon Manning, April Manning
Catering: Papa's Catering
Harnass Riggers/Blue Screen: Erick Brennan, Sophia Hollon
Custodian: Maricella Mejia
Medic: David Spuehler
Security: Artis Security, Sinne Mutsaers

Cameraman: Edgar Boyles
Cameraman/Assistant Camera: Greg Poschman
Assistant Camera: Don McKinnon
Additional Editing: Anthony Redman
Assistant Editors: Patti Gould, Paul Petschek, Paul Heiman, H. A. Arnarson, Steve Welch
Post Production Coordinator: Mike Siegman
Visual Effects and Graphics: Brad Beesley, Brad Beesley Design
Cosa Effects: Steve Yamamoto, Scott Simmons
Product Placement: Bettina O'Mara

Additional ski scenes shot on location at: Bear Mountain
Lodging in Aspen was provided by: Hotel Aspen, Aspen Bed and Breakfast
Lead: Peter Marx
Producer for E.P.I.: Limor Schafman
Engineering and Logic: Michael Abato, Limor Schafman
Media Digitizing: Philip Wei, Peter Marx
Playtesting Producer: Nancy Perlman
Assistants: Abby Philips, Chris Rowell
Post Production Sound Provided by: Audio Surround Design
Ski Clothing Provided by: Snowmass Apparel
Stock Footage Provided by: Fabulous Footage
Additional Footage Provided Courtesy of: BBP, MNC Films, Kris Lindquist Productions
Special Thanks to: ATT, Snowmass Apparel, Burton Snowboards, House of Seagram


* Consoles :
Sony PlayStation (1996) "Fox Hunt [Model SLUS-00101/00175~6]"


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