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Forsaken 64 [Model NUS-NFOP-UKV]

Export Nintendo 64 cart. published 26 years ago by Acclaim Ent., Inc.

Listed in MAME

Forsaken 64 [Model NUS-NFOP-UKV] screenshot

Forsaken 64 © 1998 Acclaim Entertainment, Incorporated.

A terrific multiplayer mode, smooth control and dazzling explosions highlight Acclaim's apocalyptic action Pak.

Forsaken 64 is set in the far future, when Earth has been ripped apart by an uncontrollable fusion reaction. Although the planet's fragmented remains have been forsaken by all intelligent beings, a treasure trove of loot in the form of energy sources and weaponry lures all manner of bottom-feeding intergalactic scum seeking a piece of the action. Oblivious to the swarms of mutant creatures and automated defense-systems that guard the remains, these scavengers seek wealth and power at great hazard.

The fun begins when you mount gravity-defying bike-like vehicles called pioncycles and become one of these interalactic rogues searching for hi-tech booty scattered throughout underground complexes of twisting tunnels that link cavernous chambers. Overall, the feeling and atmosphere of the game are quite similar to the PC game Descent. However, the environment seemed less disorienting because the thoughtful developers at Iguana UK have added some gravity-like effects that will gently orient your bike to the floor if you turn upside-down.

Forsaken 64's atmospheric surroundings swarm with enemy vehicles. You have access to a wide variety of weapons and power-ups. Your first person view on the action includes a heads-up-display that gives you data on your energy and weapons status.

The game comes with an arsenal of 14 weapons, including sundry mines, missile launchers and energy weapons. No mere eye candy, the advanced graphics are tightly integrated with game play. For example, the real-time light-sourcing for energy weapons projectiles allows you to actually detect enemies hiding around corners by looking for their shadows as an energy bolt passes them.

Forsaken 64 feature 22 forbidding single-player missions and eight multiplayer arenas. Some of the single-player missions will require solving puzzles and accomplishing complex tasks. Advanced AI will allow your foes to use the different terrain features to their best advantage in eliminating you. The multiplayer arenas are twisting labyrinths of giant chambers and tunnels that will offer hours of friend fragging fun.




Iguana Entertainment UK
Managing Director: Darren Falcus
Director of Product Development: Jason Falcus
Creative Director: Guy Miller
Technical Director: Richard Frankish
Art Director: Michael Muskett
Project Manager: Robert McCracken
Game Designer: Robert McCracken
Lead Artist: Robert Whitaker
Programmers: David DePauw, Stuart McKenna, Mark Wilkinson
Artists: Neil Hislop, Colin Mulhern, James O'Brien
Additional Design: Andrew Roberts, Nick Bagley, Andrew Wright
Addition Art: Jason Gee, Robert Gray, Reeson Ivatts
Sound Effects Design: Andrew Brock
Music: The Swarm
Additional Music: Simon Robertson, Stephen Root
Intro / Commentary Voice Talent: Jon St. John (for Pro Motions Productions)
Casting: Lani Minella, Andrew Brock
Director: Lani Minella, Andrew Brock
Bike Computer Voice Talent: Brenda O' Farrell
Voice Processing: Andrew Brock
Strategy Guide: Andrew Roberts, Steve Abrahart
Special Thanks: Sam Hill, Robert A. Allen, Martin, Caroline, Steven, Richard, Jay Richardson, Pete and Leane, Angela Doidge, Andrew Doidge, Richard Doidge, Jan Wilkinson, Benn, Adam, Katharine, Paula, Jasper the Cat
Technical Support: Craig Galley, Brian Watson
Special Thanks to: My Magic Jig Pipe
Extra Special Thanks: S N Systems, Frank Tindle

Acclaim Product Development
Producer: Shawn David Rosen
Lead Analysts: James Craddock, Michael Patterson
Project Leads: Christine Jean, Raymond Yeomans
QA Testers: Daniel Badilla, Dan Kuby, Joe Maiello, Russell Ballenger, Anthony Scaduto, Andy Basile, Sue Elliot, Omar Sanabria, G. Westwater
Weekend Forsaken Supervisor: James Daly
Marketing Product Manager: Donald Jackson
Assistant Product Manager: Ed Fortune
UK Marketing: Frank Sagnier, Theresa Noonan, Ned Browning, Vincent Mercier, Rainer Zipp
Creative Services: Scott Jenkins, Lenny O'Donnell, Bethany Pawluk
Manager Internet Services: Ben Fischbach
Webmaster: Bobby Saha
Forsaken Manuals: Bill Dickson
Forsaken Strategy Guides: Jeff Gomez, Joe Caponsacco, Alana Zdinak, Dan Garcia, Matthew Canonico, Jeremy Pope, Alex Glass
Forsaken Public Relations: Kathryn Morris, Michael Meyers
UK Public Relations: Simon Smith-Wright, Reza Memari, Sigfrido Buttner-Garcia, Alex Ward, Stefan Luludes, St├ęphanie Bolla
Translations: Reza Memari, Vincent Mercier, Phil Brannelly, Sigfrido Buttner-Garcia
European Product Coordination: Harvey Elliott
Technical Support Ground: Harry Reimer, Howard Perlman, Kevin Denehy, Robert Coffey, Andrew Fullaytor, Greg McGovern, Ulises Batalla, David Pollick, Leigh Busch, Andy Scalka
Special Thanks: Col Stone, Brett Gow, Paul Eibler, Roger Booth, Carol Caracciolo, Dale Taylor, Travis Calabrese, Zachary Calabrese, Robin Rosen, Jeff Rosa


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