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Formula 1 97 [Model SLES-00859]

Sony PlayStation CD published 27 years ago by Psygnosis, Ltd.

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Formula 1 97 © 1997 Psygnosis, Ltd.


Game ID: SLES-00859


Released in September 1997 in Europe.

Export releases:
[US] "Formula 1 Championship Edition [Model SLUS-00546]"
[JP] "Formula 1 Championship Edition [Model SIPS-60023]"

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Bizarre Creations
Lead Programmer: Matt Birch
Menu system and Hardware Support: Keith Pickford
Sound System: Jonathan Amor
Artificial Intelligence: David Al Daini
Additional Programming: Mark Craig
Programming - Game Build: Martyn R. Chudley
3D Engine and Dynamics: Walter Lynsdale
3D Utilities and Test Driver: Phil Snape

3D Modelling, Rendering Sequences and Promo Artwork: Jon Dugdale, Halli Bjornsson
3D Modelling, Textures and Promo Artwork: Steven Heaney
3D Modelling, Front-End design, Textures and Promo Artwork: Mark Akester
Textures and Backdrops: Rick Leary
Background Textures and Graphics: Edward Toth
Business: Sarah Dixon
Technical Support and Testing: Stuart Jackson
Thanks to our families and all of our Friends. Special Thanks to: Chris Hart

Psygnosis Development
Executive Producer: John Rostron
Associate Producer: Peter Smith
Head of External Development: Steven Riding
Lead Producer: Steve Morris

Psygnosis Marketing
Product Development Manager: Michaela Riches
Product Manager UK: Nadia Lawlor
PR Manager UK: Glen O'Connell
Product Manager Deutschland: Klaus Albrecht
PR Manager Deutschland: Ingo Zaborowski
Central PR Co-Ordination: Mark Blewitt, Jonathon Fargher
Manual and Packaging Design: Darren Richards, Peter Dyke, Richard Turner
Manual Text: Huw Thomas

Psygnosis Music
Arcade Mode Music: PC Music Ltd.
Guitars: Stu Ellis, Tim Browne
Mixed in Dolby Sorrund at Pearl Studios, Liverpool by: Steve Cowell
Grand Prix Mode Music: Andy Blythe, Marten Joustra
F1 97 Intro Theme: Andy Blythe, Marten Joustra
Psygnosis Music Producer: Philip Morris

Psygnosis Quality Assurance
QA Manager: Kevin Turner
Alpha: Paul Tweedle, Alan Mawer, Laurence Cooney, Marvin James, Alan McArdle, Lee O'Connor, Anthony Cross
Beta: Mark Inman, Andrew Durney, Stephen Allen, Robert Sutton, Thomas O'Connor, Thomas Rees, Stephen Siegelow
Master: Stuart Allen, Mark O'Connor, Kevin Reilly, Jason Platt, Neil Clarke, Edd Hay, Jonathon Wild
Tech: Pat Russell, John Walsh, Chris Grannell, Peter Walton
CD Duplication: Craig Duddle, Trevor Jones, Chris Stanley, Brian Walsh, Barry John Edwards, Paul Wallace