Football Generation [Model SLES-51959]

Sony PlayStation 2 disc published 17 years ago by Midas Int. Ent.

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Football Generation © 2004 Midas Int. Ent.

Football Generation brings all the action from the exciting world of soccer to your PlayStation 2. A comprehensive roster of international and club teams are available across a wealth of exciting game modes for 1-8 players. The fantastic Scenario mode lets you step into the boots of your team's star player, giving you the chance to personally guide your team to victory.

With a wide selection of league and cup competitions available, detailed stadiums and weather effects, Football Generation offers you a premier soccer experience.


Game ID: SLES-51959


For reasons unknown, the English language commentator is anonymous (see staff section).


Developed by Trecision S.p.A.

3D and Animation: Teodoro Di Bello, Antonino Perricone, Fabrizio Lagorio
AI: Luigi Fumero
Gameplay: Stefano Prosperi
Menu Interface: Nicola Di Leva, Marco Castrucci
Sound: Alessio Gogna
Additional Programming: Stefano Grossi, Andrea Fasce

Game Design: Daniele Antona
Menu Interface: Daniele Antona, Agostino Simonetta, Nicola Di Leva
Strategies: Luigi Fumero, Daniele Antona, Agostino Simonetta
Sound Effects: Alessandro Bellondi, Roberto Spanu
Commentary Script: Stefano Gambaro

Character Modelling: Stefano Ricciardi, Pier Tommaso Bennati
Stadia Modelling: Guido Bozzelli, Paolo Scippo
Menu Interface and Additional Modelling: Paolo Calloni
Animations: Donato Cannatello, Alessandro Giusti
Additional Art and Logo: Elisabetta Stoinich

English Commentator:
French Commentator: Vincent Radureau
German Commentator: Martin May
Italian Commentator: Massimo Bitossi
Spanish Commentator: Tomas Rubio
Music Scores: Nicola Tomljanovich, Francesco Silvestri
Guitar: Walter Babbini
Trumpet: Diego Servetto
Production Manager: Pietro Montelatici

Special Thanks: Christophe Reyes, Eric Mallet

Production: Alasdair Evans, Daren Morgan
Art Direction: Mark Gierszewski
Development and Product Management: Steve Morgan
QA Testing: Khaled Lababedi