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List of songs playables on this page:

01 title screen.vgz02 main theme.vgz03 a historic war.vgz04 holy love.vgz05 training in the shorin temple.vgz06 hong kong city.vgz07 infernal palaces.vgz08 sacred place. store.vgz09 command screen.vgz10 encounter.vgz11 tusk soldier appearance.vgz12 tusk soldier.vgz13 win.vgz14 item get.vgz15 fighting on the ring.vgz16 kung-fu.vgz17 victory.vgz18 journey in peru.vgz19 behind the president death.vgz20 peaceful village.vgz21 evil statue.vgz22 cave of chaos.vgz23 ominous occurance.vgz24 demon.vgz25 angel tears.vgz26 vs tournament.vgz27 death.vgz28 magic of the jar.vgz29 jingle.vgz30 jingle 2.vgz