Flight of a Dragon

Homebrew Belogic Uzebox ROM published 4 years ago by Belogic

Listed and emulated in MAME !

Flight of a Dragon © 2017 Belogic

Flight of a Dragon is a runner-platformer game featuring a flightless dragon as protagonist who must escape from his prison in an empire which wanted to break and train him to use him as a war machine in their conquests.

As such he is a powerful fire-breather who can easily storm through opposition, however the empire has a large and well equipped military all around who can grind him down if he wasn't careful. It is also important to be fast, to flee before forces could be mustered to thwart his attempt.

He doesn't want bloodshed, to be remembered as a monster, so he should be cautious to not cause more losses than necessary, and he may also help people (prisoners) on his way, supporting a probable uprising against the power.


Released on November 25, 2017.

The demo version was released for UCC2016 and won the 1st place.


Pay attention to your energy bar (third bar on the upper left). If it is depleted, you run slower and can't jump high. You can't catch some ledges without sufficient energy.

Initially the dragon doesn't have his full potential. Collect power-ups, without those it might be impossible to finish the game.

Always keep moving. Usually enemies are the least effective when you are running, but be vary of pikemen who charge at you.


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