Flash Gordon [Model 1215]

Pinball published 40 years ago by Bally Mfg.

Listed and emulated in MAME !

Flash Gordon © 1981 Bally.


Bally MPU AS-2518-35 (Squawk and Talk)
Model Number : 1215

Main CPU : M6800 (@ 475 KHz)
Sound CPU : M6802 (@ 895 KHz)
Sound chips : General Instrument AY8910 (@ 895 KHz), DAC, Texas Instruments TMS5220 (@ 640 KHz)


Released in February 1981. 10,000 units were produced.

The development of the game took 12 months (started in May 1980).

First split-level game from this manufacturer. First game to use the 'Squawk and Talk' board, and the second production Bally game with speech (Bally's 1979 "Kiss" prototype was the first, but the game itself did not contain speech. Bally's 1980 "Xenon" was the first production Bally game with speech).

Flash Gordon started as a 1930's comic strip hero and was a very successful Hollywood motion picture serial in 1936, prompting two more serials in 1938 and 1940. A movie in 1980 coincided with the production of this game.


Early prototype games use the Sounds Plus and Vocalizer sound boards, instead of the Squawk and Talk board.


Designer : Claude Fernandez
Artwork : Kevin O'Connor


Game's ROM.