Flamin Finger

Coin-op Redemption Game published 15 years ago by NAMCO

Not emulated yet.


Flamin Finger © 2003 Namco.

Flamin Finger is a maze-themed redemption game. Using their finger, players trace over a LED maze in an attempt to escape the maze within the predetermined time limit. If the player is successful they win the jackpot! Failure in completing the maze earns the player tickets based on the total distance that they completed within the maze.

Flamin Finger features hundreds and hundreds of mazes. This almost endless supply of mazes will keep player interest for a long, long time. Mazes are a timeless pastime. Various types of mazes have been in existence for at least 4,000 years and have appealed to men, women and children for generations. Flamin Finger continues in that tradition by providing mazes that appeal to both the young and old. Flamin Fingers intuitive game play appeals to a wide spectrum of casual players.


Dimensions : 68inches H x 28inches W x 32inches D

Several units of Flamin Finger can be linked together. This allows for even greater jackpots in a shorter time frame and thus attracts more players. First one to the Jackpot wins! The streamlined cabinet has a small footprint, making Flamin Finger the right fit for any location. A bank of four games makes a great presentation and offers your players a new way to win!

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