Fisher-Price - I Can Remember [Model NES-F5-USA]

Nintendo NES Cart. published 28 years ago by GameTek, Inc.

Fisher-Price - I Can Remember [Model NES-F5-USA] screenshot

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Fisher-Price - I Can Remember © 1990 GameTek

To play I Can Remember, you have to concentrate! Can you remember what you see? Can you remember where you saw it?

Choose a number and look at the picture that's revealed underneath. Then choose another number and look at that picture. Do they match? If they do, they'll stay turned up. If they don't, they'll turn down again and your opponent gets to pick two more. Keep picking pairs until all the pictures are matched and the entire game board is uncovered.

Play alone, play against a friend or even the computer. As you get better, the boards get harder, with more numbers and more pictures to remember. You can do it!




Released in March 1990 in the USA.

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