Firepower 2000 [Model SNS-FW-USA]

Nintendo Super NES Game published 26 years ago by SUNSOFT

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Firepower 2000 © 1992 Sunsoft

Firepower 2000 is a vertical shooter developed by Sales Curve (aka SCI Games). A secret organization has stolen military weapons and machines across the globe, and they have now regrouped and are ready to strike. The player is sent to infiltrate the enemy's base to destroy it from the inside, and annihilate their power core. Two vehicles can be controlled (or paired in the two simultaneous player mode) to eliminate the threat and possibly save the world. The Jeep can fire in any directions but can become obstructed by ground obstacles. The vehicle can however jump over objects and gaps giving it a chance to maneuver its way though storms of bullets and hazards. The Helicopter is a lot more straight forward and can only fire ahead, but it features a contemptuous air superiority. Four weapons are available throughout the game and can be selected at any time as long as they were previously picked up - they are usually hidden inside large metallic crates and spread out in the air when cracked open. They range from fast missiles, flamethrower, laser beam and spread gun. Other items such as the protective force-field can also be collected along the way.
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Firepower 2000 was released in November 1992 in USA.

The original game, simply called S.W.I.V, was originally released for the Amiga in 1991.
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