Fire Pro Wrestling World

PC/MS-Windows DVD published 6 years ago by Spike Chunsoft

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Fire Pro Wrestling World screenshot

Fire Pro Wrestling World © 2017 Spike Chunsoft.

The greatest grappling game returns to take on the world!
Customize every aspect of the match, from your wrestler to the ring itself, in your fight for the championship belt.


GAME ID: 564230

Players: 8
Control: Keyboard, Joystick
Buttons: 15
=> [UpArrow] Move Up, [DownArrow] Move Down, [LeftArrow] Move Left, [Right Arrow] Move Right, [Z] Small Move / (SML), [X] Medium Move / (MED), [C] Big Move / (BIG), [S] Run / (RUN), [A]
Breathe / (BRH), [D] 3D Walk / (3D) Button, [F] Pinfall / (PIN), [1] Performance 1, [2], Performance 2, [3] Performance 3, [4] Performance 4
=> [X] Small Move / (SML), [A] Medium Move / (MED), [B] Big Move / (BIG), [Y] Run / (RUN), [Left Shoulder] Breathe, (BRH), [Right Shoulder] 3D Walk / (3D) Button, [Right Trigger] Pinfall / (PIN)

Minimum System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5
Memory: 4 GB RAM GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compatible video card with minimum 512MB of VRAM
DirectX: Version 9.0
Storage: 4 GB available space


Executive Director Tomoyuki Matsumoto (Fire Pro Wrestling G, Fire Pro Wrestling for WonderSwan) had been trying to get a new Fire Pro project off the ground for over 10 years since joining Spike Chunsoft eight or nine years ago and it seemed impossible due to the size of the console market. When Steam came along and they were connected to the PC audience, the staff, together with the community's help, managed to get the new game approved.

Fire Pro Wrestling in Mobage was the last game in the series to feature characters based on real wrestlers under fake names. The development team would not have wanted the wrestlers in this new game to look too close to their real-world equivalents, so they introduced 30 new original Spike Wrestling Association wrestlers. The staff also experimented with Fire Pro-esque polygon models but they did not have the same feel and were scrapped in favor of the original 2D graphics. Matsumoto later elaborated that the isometric perspective of the series is essential to the Fire Pro series and transposing it into 3D would make it much harder to manage.

Fire Pro Wrestling World was released into Steam Early Access on July 10, 2017. The team wanted to share the excitement with the community and get their creative input via online matches and the use of Steam Workshop so that they would have all sorts of new features they would want to implement.

According to Development Producer/Director Takashi Kobayashi, ever since they finished Fire Pro Wrestling Returns (2005), discussions about making a new Fire Pro game would come up and fall off practically every year. Proposals would come up every year around spring and Matsumoto believed that the reason they did not go through was simply a matter of whether or not it would be profitable enough. After nine years, the project got approved on the fifth try which Matsumoto credits to the growing size of the Steam market as a major factor, as it became large enough for Spike Chunsoft to see its potential. The game was originally going to be released only on Steam, but Matsumoto noted that there were fans on the console market who needed to play the game, so a Sony PlayStation 4 version was also put into development.

Development Director/Lead Planner Toshiaki Tamura talked about the ring entrance robes, saying they were not able to include them due to cost restraints. They would have been too difficult to implement if the various patterns were used in a match, but would have been possible for entrances only. It was planned, but the development team had other things to prioritize at the time. Matsumoto also wanted to add fighting in the audience seats but Kobayashi cited that they do not have sufficient funds for that.

The development team tried to fix bits of the original source code of the Fire Pro engine with this release, but it caused several bugs elsewhere and they figured it would have been easier to do everything for Fire Pro Wrestling World from scratch, a new engine based on the original. In addition to online play, the development staff fixed several bugs from the previous main game in the series (Fire Pro Wrestling Returns) where breathing did not work properly among other things.

Zex Corporation (developer of the official NJPW mobile game, KING OF SPORTS - NEW JAPAN PRO-WRESTLING) is the developer that worked with the majority of the programming for Fire Pro Wrestling World. They have also worked for past Fire Pro games under the name Wise K, including Fire Pro Wrestling Z and Fire Pro Wrestling Returns.

One of the main principles that Tomoyuki Matsumoto wanted to uphold is to not make things look too real because an important part of Fire Pro is the suspension of belief on behalf of the player. If they were to make the graphics too crisp or too realistic, it would take away from that principle.

On licensing, Matsumoto stated that in the past, they have talked to promotions to create a Fire Pro-style game with their wrestlers, but the production cost was more than they were willing to pay for. He elaborated that licensed wrestlers take away from the rest of the cast and the custom wrestlers that the players make, but the game eventually received a collaboration with New Japan Pro Wrestling and recently World Wonder Ring Stardom.

Fire Pro Wrestling World left Early Access and was officially released on December 18, 2017. Around this time, downloadable content to support professional wrestler Yoshihiro Takayama was announced. All Spike Chunsoft revenue will be donated to TAKAYAMANIA, a foundation established to support Yoshihiro Takayama and his family. Yoshihiro Takayama was paralyzed from the neck down from a wrestling accident during a match on May 4, 2017.


Version 2.15.2 (July 16, 2020)
[Move Craft]
?Fixed bug where run-ins could occur during a Ringside Preview.
?Fixed bug where part size adjustment for [G] sized parts based on [L] parts wasn’t applied in the preview window.
?Made damage flags optional for Animation Libraries 3 / 4 for: [Grapple (SML), [Grapple (BIG), ?Grapple 3D Walk?
?Made damage flags optional for Animation Libraries 4 / 6 / 8 for: [Back (SML), [Back (MED), [Back (BIG)], [Grapple Movement]

?Fixed issue where position of wrestler/referee in the upload thumbnail would change based on monitor resolution.
?Fixed issue where status of referee would not display when uninstalling parts.

[Edit Mode]
?Ring Edit – Fixed mouse movement issue.
?Ring Edit – Added color copy/paste functionality.

[Entrance Craft]
?Fixed issue where camera settings wouldn’t be applied to [Performance Spot] > [Corner: 2nd Rope].
?Fixed issue in USA Grand Dome venue where[Venue Equipment] > [Individual Settings > [Color] were swapped for [Smoke Machine] and [Fireworks].

?Fixed issue in [Battle Royal] > [Time] title matches where the title would be awarded to the wrong wrestler.
?Fixed issue where repeatedly clicking the mouse when exiting a menu could freeze the application.

Version 2.15.1 (July 10, 2020)
[Move Craft]
?Wrestler initial vitality now easier to check for [Exchange Blows] settings.
?[Standing], [Grapple], [Back] moves now correctly display at the top of the Move Category list for (SML), (MED) moves.
?[Entrance Performance] moves now listed under [Performance].
*Existing moves need to be re-registered for change to take effect.
?[Grapple (MED)], [Grapple (BIG)] damage correction now properly applied.
?Checker now checks for multiple instances of damage and self-damage flags.
?Damage flags made optional for Animation Banks 1 and 2 for [Grapple (SML)], [Grapple (BIG)].
?Ringside check now allows you to toggle wrestler move list to help check moves with unique properties.
?Fixed memory leak issue.
?Fixed bug that caused an error when the playback was stopped for certain animations
?Fixed error caused by toggling between Move Categories [Entrance Performance] and [Corner: 2nd Rope].
?Fixed error caused by dragging parts.
?Fixed several incorrect Move Type assignments.
?Made unused Animation Libraries for [Exchange Blows] and [Run Up Turnbuckle] unusable.

?Dialog box now appears asking to create new save data if save data fails to load.
?If move data is modified so the return move becomes incompatible with the data, it will be listed on the uninstall menu to avoid duplicates of subscribed move data.
?Fixed issue where item and item descriptions would become offset after deleting an item from the Uninstall menu.
?Fire Promoter: Match style for cross-promotion events now defaults to Promotion Style
?Fire Promoter: Fixed issue preventing you from exiting/cancelling certain menus.
?Fixed issue caused by receiving multiple packets in a single frame on the matching screen.

Version 2.15.0 (June 25, 2020)

[Move Craft]
?When loading craft data, the data list can now be sorted with the B button (Xbox) ? button (PS4).
?Thumbnail animation now supports up to 8 images.
?Fixed issue with certain looping animations.
?Fixed issue where REDO was unavailable after editing FZ/X values and using UNDO/REDO.
?Fixed issue where MX coordinates could become [-000].
?Fixed issue where wrestlers with custom data would sometimes not be usable in offline mode after playing online.
?Changed tag name for “Post” to “Post(Move Craft)”.
?Added “Move Craft” tag.
?Fixed issue where Workshop displayed wrong move category.

?Miscellaneous bug fixes.
?Fixed issue in online mode where matching conditions with Player 3 and Player 4 were not handled correctly.

Version 2.14.9 (June 17, 2020)

?Added Move Craft DLC
?Added the following moves:
?2nd Rope: Both Hands Wide Open
?2nd Rope: Look Around Arena
?2nd Rope: Arm Raise
?2nd Rope: 2-Hands Appeal
?2nd Rope: Hands Come On

?Entrance Craft DLC: Added settings for 2nd Rope performance.
?Wrestler models now displayed in League menu.
?Can now toggle to mouse controls from the Pause menu.
?Leaving Edit Mode without making any changes no longer triggers the confirmation dialog.
?In Edit Mode, wrestler size scaling / color settings can now be cancelled when using a controller.
?Wrestler models now properly update during a Battle Royal title match.
?Wrestler voices now work with the following Performances: Stand in Place / Pop Neck.
?Fixed issue preventing you from reuploading an asset to the Workshop for deleted items or items where the first upload failed.
?Online matches now time out and return you to the menu if a connection error prevents the match from starting.
?Improved wrestler load times when uploading items to FPW Net.
?Fixed issue where certain tag teams wouldn’t be able to enter the ring when using custom Ring Craft entrances.
?Fixed Fire Promoter issue where the match results screen for S-1 Rules matches wouldn’t properly display the winning move.
?Fixed issue on the wrestler select screen where sorting wrestlers would sometimes cause body parts to improperly overlap.
?In the Change Move Name menu, move types will be grayed out if there are none for the selected move category.
?Wrestler order on wrestler select screen can now be reordered with X (Xbox) / ? (PS4).
?Fire Promoter: Guide is now always displayed at bottom of the screen.
?Fixed issue where “OK” message would sometimes not display properly during online play.
?Freezes during online play are now processed as a communication error.
?Improved cursor movement during menus in online play.
?Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Version 2.13.7 (April 17, 2020)
Added error message explaining why selected wrestler is unusable.
Name of part now displays when loading preset data in Parts Craft mode.
Fixed issue where custom parts would not display in subscribed wrestlers.
Fixed issue where custom parts would cause menu to lag.
Fixed issue where wrestler/referee with custom parts would not appear on wrestler/referee list.
Fixed menu lag when setting team logos.

Version 2.13.6 (April 8, 2020)
Added DLC - Parts Craft.

Various bug fixes and performance improvements.
New moves:
Performance: Stand in Place
Performance: Pop Neck

March 4, 2020 - World Wonder Ring Stardom Collaboration Part 2 released

Version 2.12.18 (February 26, 2020)
Added DLC - Fighting Road: Champion Road Beyond

Somersault Kick: Running
Somersault Kick: Counter
Dropkick: Grapple (SML)
Front Dropkick: Grapple (SML)
Spinning Dropkick: Grapple (SML)
High Angle Dropkick: Grapple (SML)
Half Hatch: Grapple (MED)
Big Swing Oosotogari: Grapple (BIG)
CTB: Back Grapple (BIG)
Flying Knee Attack: Opponent Down – Face Up, Near Head

Revised design of edit menu UI.
Random Entry now selects one pair at a time, instead of filling up all available slots at once.
Added option to sort edit wrestler by team when publishing/unsubscribing.
Added option to select team when saving edit wrestler.
Entrance Craft: Tag team entrances now supported.
Entrance Craft: Added Performance Spot > Corner: 2nd Rope.
Entrance Craft: You can now copy and paste arena settings (except for Venue Equipment).
Added option to clear title belt history.
Overwriting an edit belt no longer deletes the belt history unless you change the weight class or match style.
Added overwrite save menu for edit referees, rings, and belts.
Added swap costume option to edit wrestler menu.

Various UI fixes.
Fixed wrestler name display bug and scroll issues on league spreadsheet.
Fixed issue where Entrance Craft edits would affect team logos in Fighting Road.
Improved readability of font.
Fixed issue where having a lot of title belts would cause menu slowdown.
Fire Promoter: Fixed issue where, when starting a new promotion, random select/reset would only choose from currently displayed wrestlers.
Tournament/League: Fixed issue where CPU vs CPU matches required button input to progress past results screen.
Tournament/League: Fixed issue where wrestler ghost would remain on menu after selecting them and cancelling.
Online Match: Fixed issue where entering the wrong password for a locked room would cause all inputs to be ignored (except for the mouse).

Version 2.11.0 (January 22, 2020)
Added support for Yoshihiro Takayama Charity DLC Part 2.

Version 2.10.10 (October 30, 2019)
*Added eight new moves:
Elbow Smash: Back Grapple (SML)
Knife-Edge Chop: Opponent Down - Face Up, Near Head
Sliding Lariat: Opponent Down - Face Up, Near Head
Knife-Edge Chop: Opponent Down - Face Up, Near Feet
Middle Kick: Opponent Down - Face Down, Near Head
Middle Kick Rush: Opponent Down - Face Down, Near Head
Double Kneebreaker: Opponent Down - Face Down, Near Feet
Moonsault Fallaway Slam: Corner Grapple

*Previously, if you updated an edit wrestler holding a title belt, the belt would be vacated and in-progress tournaments/league save data would be deleted. However, now this only happens if you change the wrestler’s weight class.
*Fixed issue where, during a team entrance, if you cancel the animation while a wrestler is sliding under the ropes, the other wrestler will not be able to enter the ring.
*Fixed issue where help text wouldn’t correctly display in Ring Edit/Belt Edit mode.
*Added logos for promotions/stables.

*Entrance Craft mode added.
*Three new venues added.
*Added championship belt edit parts.
*Added logos for Fire Pro original promotions/stables.
*Added option to customize promotion/stable logos.
*Added option to upload/download custom Workshop logos.

*Added Stardom belts.

Version 2.09.3 (August 22, 2019)
World Wonder Ring Stardom Collaboration DLC released.

Fixed issue where costumes would not correctly update when switching entry order on setup menu.
Improved loading time of logos during wrestler entrances.
Added Promotion/Stable option to [Load Edit Wrestler] menu.
Improved load times when editing teams in Edit Mode.

Version 2.08.4 (July 4, 2019)
Fixed issue preventing you from adding new wrestlers to Fire Promoter save data.
Fixed issue where attempting to create a new team would result in an error under certain circumstances.

Version 2.08.3 (June 28, 2019)
Fixed issue where "New Japan Pro-Wrestling 2018 Wrestler Pack" DLC wrestlers would not appear if you had deleted their parent team, NEW JAPAN.
DLC wrestlers now appear under "Retired" section.
Fixed issue where wrestlers would be moved into a different stable after their parent team was deleted.
Fixed issue where wrestlers would not correctly display if you deleted a team after watching the title screen demo.

Version 2.08.2 (June 27, 2019)
Fixed issue where Shingo Takagi's voice clips would not play.
Fixed issue where Yujiro Takahashi's voice clips were incorrectly timed.

Version 2.08.1 (June 26, 2019)
New Japan Pro-Wrestling 2018 Wrestler Pack DLC released.

When editing a wrestler’s date of birth, the day will no longer automatically reset unless date conflicts with calendar date.
Fixed issue where “FPW NET” would display on Workshop registration screen.
Fixed issue where NJPW wrestlers from unpurchased DLC could possibly appear to interfere with match (run-in).
Added red border to Ring selection menu.
Fixed issue where character voices for all wrestlers would stop working if a NJPW wrestler’s voice was set for Voice 1 in Edit Mode.
Fixed issue in Moveset menu where, if wrestler is using an unusable move from unpurchased DLC (displayed in red), that move slot would remain red even after switching to a usable move.
Improved performance in menus with a large number of wrestlers (such as Team Edit).
Adjusted volume of entrance themes.

Version 2.07.7 (June 18, 2019)
Fixed issue where custom rooms would sometimes not appear in search results.

Fixed issue where menus load in Japanese by default if no save data is present.

Version 2.07.6 (April 24, 2019)
Fixed issue where application would freeze if host had a communication error after a match.
Fixed issue where chat log would sometimes carry over when you changed rooms.
Fixed issue where certain wrestler parts would sometimes not display on the wrestler select screen.

Fixed issue where application would crash if you tried adding new wrestlers to existing save data after renaming the SWA promotion.
Fixed issue where, if a promotion went bankrupt, the previous month results for promotions below them on the list would not display properly.

Fixed issue where application would sometimes crash when overwriting an edit wrestler with the move Corner European Uppercut.

Version 2.07.5 (April 11, 2019)
Fixed issue where CPU wrestlers would not do their entrance performance.

Version 2.07.4 (April 10, 2019)
Improved online network connectivity for up to four players.
Fixed issue where connection may desync between rounds.

[Fire Promoter]
Can now add new edit wrestlers to an ongoing session.
Increased maximum Edit Points to 383.
Added Feud system where wrestlers within same promotion or stable may develop a rivalry. Booking rivals will increase audience turnout.
When a promotion goes bankrupt, their signed wrestlers will be reassigned to the Free Agent pool.

[Fighting Road]
You can now export your edit wrestler created in Fighting Road.

Version 2.06.13 (March 28, 2019)
If your Fire Promoter data contains a Workshop wrestler and that Workshop wrestler is updated with parts from a DLC you do not own, you will now be able to continue to use your save data as normal.

Version 2.06.9 (March 13, 2019)
2017 NJPW Junior Heavyweight Championship DLC released.
Fixed issue where match clock would not display in a timed battle royal.

[Fire Promoter]
Fixed issue where scouts would sometimes be unable to return.
In the Match Card menu, all matches are now displayed on a single screen.
Fixed various text issues.

[New Moves]
Front Grapple (MED) : Low Blow
Front Grapple (BIG) : Knuckle Arrow Rush
Front Grapple (BIG) : Knuckle Arrow Rush B
Back Grapple (SML) : Rainmaker Through
Running at Downed Opponent : Layout Style Sunset Flip
Opponent Down - Face Up, Near Legs : Campana

Version 2.05.22 (March 5, 2019)
[Fire Promoter]
Fixed issue when using wrestlers with certain Country/Region settings.
Fixed freeze caused by setting custom match music.
Fixed issue caused when sending a scout out without selecting a region.
Fixed issue preventing title matches.

Version 2.05.21 (March 4, 2019)
Fixed issue where event graphics would stop displaying.

Version 2.05.21 (February 27, 2019)
Fire Promoter DLC released.

Fixed issue with Irish Whip logic.
Fixed issue where tag partner would not interfere late in a match.

Version 2.04.0 (February 4, 2019)
Fixed issue where Tournaments would sometime freeze.
Fixed issue where Tournaments and Leagues would freeze on the wrestler select screen if there was a stable with 0 wrestlers.
Fixed issue where if you renamed a Finishing Move in the Moveset Menu, the name would reset when you opened the Wrestler Appearance menu.
Fixed display error with wrestler DOB and COUNTRY/REGION.
Moveset Menu: Fixed issue with certain “Run Up Turnbuckle” preview animations.

Wrestler will no longer tag out after Irish whipping an opponent (while opponent is running).
In a tag team match, if an inactive wrestler cuts in and the match ends while they are in the ring, they will no longer leave the ring.
If the CPU wins, they now hold the pin/submission for a second before releasing.

Back Grapple (Big) : Smith Special
Front Grapple (Big): Taichi Style Gedo Clutch

Version 2.03.0 (December 20, 2018)
Improved wrestler model load times.
Reduced menu slowdown .
Improved load times when selecting wrestlers for Exhibition and Battle Royal modes.
Improved load times when selecting wrestlers for Tournament and League modes.
Can now assign a Second for an Exhibition title match.
Fixed issue where results of a Title Match would not properly display.
Fixed menu display issues in League mode.
Fixed issue where a title holder protected the belt, even if they lost, when the match ended in a draw, ring out, or DQ.
Fixed issue in League mode where, in a tag-team title match for a league with one block, only one wrestler would become champion.
Fixed issue where incorrect finishing move would display on results screen when match ended with a Move Stealer/Okite Yaburi.

Fixed issue where CPU wrestlers would stop tagging their partner late in the match.
Fixed issue where CPU wrestlers would stop moving if two CPU wrestlers were on the apron at the same time.
Fixed issue where CPU wrestler would continue to attack downed opponent after a match.
Fixed issue where CPU wrestlers would freeze in the lock-up position after a match.
CPU wrestlers will no longer target a defeated wrestler.
Seconds can no longer make/receive CRITICAL attacks.
Fixed his detection when a wrestler is attacked on the upper right apron/by the upper-right ropes in venues with a horizontal entrance ramp.
Fixed issue where, when attacking an opponent slumped against the ropes, the wrestler would get distracted by nearby opponents and not carry out the attack.
Fixed issue where Second would continue attacking instead of returning to their corner in venues with a horizontal entrance ramp.
Fixed issue where the animation for run-up turnbuckle move animation would face the opposite direction if the opponent was in the extreme left or right corner.
Fixed issue in Battle Royal where, when playing multiple matches in a row, some wrestlers would try to leave the ring before the match began.
[*]Adjusted volume of footstep SFX outside of ring.

Version 2.02.0 (November 5, 2018)
Downloadable Content now available for Offline Mode.

Version 2.01.2 (October 12, 2018)
Fixed issue where wrestler's theme would not play after a match.

The following moves were added:
Corner-to-Center Attack (BIG): Running Elbow Butt
Front Grapple (SML): Jigoku-Tsuki B
Front Grapple (MED): Mongolian Chop B
Front Grapple (BIG): Striking Double Arm Suplex
Back Grapple (MED): 1-Hand Backbreaker B
Opponent Down - Face Up, Near Head: Twisting Chin Lock
Opponent Down - Face Up, Near Head: Falling Fist Drop
Opponent Down - Face Up, Near Legs: Falling Fist Drop
Opponent Down - Face Down, Near Head: Sitting Super Kick

Version 2.000 (September 26, 2018)
New Japan Pro-Wrestling Collaboration DLC released.

This update fixes a long-standing programming bug in league/tournament mode. Previous league/tournament save data is not compatible with the latest version.

Counter - Shoulder Bear Hug
Front Grapple (MED) - Gourdbuster
Front Grapple (BIG) - Arm Lock
Front Grapple (BIG) - Shoulder Bear Hug
Front Grapple (BIG) - Rodeo Stretch
Front Grapple (BIG) - Hijack Backbreaker
Corner Grapple (BIG) - Avalanche Exploder
Running (SML / MED) - Punching Lariat
Back Grapple (BIG) - Schoolboy Suplex

Version 1.0200 (April 25, 2018)
Standing (Big): Fierce Knife-Edge Chop
Counter: Fierce Knife-Edge Chop
Counter: Hip Toss
Front Grapple (SML): Face Slap B
Front Grapple (SML): Hip Toss
Front Grapple (MED) Fierce Headlock
Front Grapple (MED) Torture Headlock
Front Grapple (BIG) Pull Down Face Buster B
Front Grapple (BIG) Double Arm Face Buster B
Front Grapple (BIG) Reverse Gory SpecialDriver
Opponent Down – Face Up, Near Head: Iron Claw Hold

Version 1.0100 (January 19, 2018)
Made further improvements to lag on Wrestler Select menu.
Adjusted font size of Overwrite save confirmation message.

Fixed bug where CRITICALS would occur in Cage Deathmatches even though they are set to [None] with [Win Condition] set to [Escape].

Version 1.0100 (January 17, 2018)
Fixed lag on wrestler select menu introduced in previous patch.
Fixed bug where referees would publish to the Workshop without a character graphic.
Fixed issue where the Battle Royal results screen caused menu lag.

[Moveset Menu]Fixed bug where selecting Dive From Top of Cage moves would freeze the cursor. Preview animations now play as intended.
[Ring Edit]Fixed bug where custom texture would not be applied in the save/load preview for custom rings beyond the first if you had multiple custom rings.

Version 1.0100 (January 12, 2018)
Fixed bug on Wrestler Select screen where “No Entry” window would sometimes not respond.
Fixed bug where league match progression was not evenly distributed.

After using the [Save] command, you are now returned to the last screen you were on (same as using the [Overwrite] command).

When down on the mat/playing dead, you can now move and reposition yourself by holding LB/RB (L1/R1) + direction.
While down on the mat/playing dead, reduced number of times you may roll over from 6 to 3.
Ukemi bonus now applied to escaping a pin you would otherwise not escape from. (When using Ukemi, the damage you take is transferred into a Spirit boost when your Spirit reaches 0.)
Fixed bug where Entrance Theme would not play for wrestler who won a Battle Royal.
Fixed bug where CPU wrestler would leave the ring on accident when trying to attack a downed opponent near the ropes.
Adjusted distance from opponent that CPU will attempt a diving post move.
Fixed bug where the proper [Jump from Post] move would not be used with the Priority Attack sequence: Spider German Suplex > Jump from Post
Fixed bug where CPU would not initiate a victory performance after winning a match with both [Elimination] and [Tornado] rules ON.
Fixed bug preventing [Run up Post] Priority Attacks from initializing.
Fixed bug where a CPU wrestler would stand idle for a few seconds after landing a move if the 1)Priority Attack doesn’t know an opponent down 2) the Follow-Up Attack is set to attack a downed opponent.

The following move names were changed:
Falcon Arrow > Original Falcon Arrow
Vertical Falcon Arrow > Original Vertical Falcon Arrow
Emerald Flowsion > Original Emerald Flowsion

The following moves were added:
Counter > Flying Bodyscissors Attack
Counter > Flying Bodyscissors Attack B
Counter > Powerslam B
Jump from Post > Corkscrew Cannonball Senton
Front Grapple (Big) > Brass Knuckles Punch
Front Grapple (Big) > Emerald Flowsion
Front Grapple (Big) > Press Powerslam
Front Grapple (Big) > Tights Pulling Piledriver
Front Grapple (Big) > Turning Driver B
Front Grapple (Big) > Falcon Arrow
Front Grapple (Big) > Falcon Arrow B
Front Grapple (Big) > Vertical Falcon Arrow
Back Grapple (Big) > Deadlift German Suplex
Opponent Down (Face Down, Near Legs) (Big) > Uproot German Suplex

Version 1.000 (December 18, 2017)
Fire Pro Wrestling World left Early Access.

Fixed bug in Leagues/Tournaments where victory/loss would sometimes not register properly.
Fixed bug in Leagues where result screen would show the winning wrestler with the name “No Entry” and fail to display their graphic.
Fixed bug in League Mode where the correct wrestlers would sometimes not proceed to the finals.
Fixed bug in League Mode where, in a title match, the challenger would sometimes not receive the belt if they won.
Fixed bug in League Mode where sometimes the winner of a finals match would not be recorded, forcing you to replay the match.
Fixed bug in League Mode where sometimes a finals block would repeat until a wrestler beat everyone else consecutively.
League matches now proceed in a more even distribution between wrestlers. (Previously, there was a tendency for a single wrestler to perform all their matches before other wrestlers.)

Added “Overwrite” option to Edit Wrestler load menu.
Face part scale arrows now scale at 1% per click. (Previously 2%.)
Added 2 more Priority Attack slots to CPU logic. (12 total)
Fixed bug preventing certain renamed moves from displaying properly.

Added support for four player matches.

Match-specific Match Evaluation criteria implemented for Deathmatches, SWA Rules Match and S-1 Rules Match.

The following edit parts were added:

Base Part 698 – Anime female (Normal)
Base Part 699 – Anime female (Normal) > Separated
Base Part 700 – Anime female (Cool)
Base Part 701 – Anime female (Cool) > Separated
Base Part 702 – Anime female (Adult)
Base Part 703 – Anime female (Adult) > Separated
Sub Part 699 (1) – Anime female (Normal) > Eyelashes/eyebrows/pupils
Sub Part 699 (2) – Anime female (Normal) > Eyeball and eye highlights
Sub Part 699 (3) – Anime female (Normal) > Lipstick
Sub Part 701 (1) – Anime female (Cool) > Eyelashes/eyebrows/pupils
Sub Part 701 (2) – Anime female (Cool) > Eyeball and eye highlights
Sub Part 701 (3) – Anime female (Cool) > Lipstick
Sub Part 703 (1) – Anime female (Adult) > Eyelashes/eyebrows/pupils
Sub Part 703 (2) – Anime female (Adult) > Eyeball and eye highlights
Sub Part 703 (3) – Anime female (Adult) > Lipstick

The following moves were added:
Standing (BIG) > Fierce Low Kick
Counter > Toe Kick B
Jump From Post > Double Rotation Moonsault
Front Grapple (SML) > Toe Kick B
Front Grapple (MED) > Short Elbow B
Front Grapple (MED) > Jawbreaker B
Front Grapple (BIG) > Screw Neckbreaker Drop B
Back Grapple (BIG) > Turning Two-Step Knee Kick
Back Grapple (BIG) > Full Nelson
Opponent Down - Facing Up, Near Head > Running Middle Kick
Double Team - Corner Grapple > Double Impact

Voice now plays for Counter > Pop-up Jumping Bomb.
Changed category for Corner Grapple > Kinniku Buster to [Rear Blow to Head]

Version 0.9700 (December 1, 2017)
Fixed bug where [Running at Downed Opponent], [Pinfall] Priority Moves would be cancelled if wrestler dragged opponent away from rope.
Fixed bug where a wrestler would sometimes initiate a [Running] Priority Move before opponent stood up.
Fixed bug where [Run Up Turnbuckle > Whoops] wouldn’t activate.
Fixed bug where CPU wouldn’t use [Running to Outside the Ring . Feint Jump].
Fixed bug where CPU tag partner would behave strangely if too close to opponent’s partner on the same apron.
Made it so that, when multiple CPU wrestlers on the apron, they will quickly return to the ring if they’re too far away to hit each other.
Fixed bug where, in venues with a horizontal entrance ramp, certain tag partners were unable to drop outside the ring and would instead keep using standing attacks.
Fixed bug where, in venues with a horizontal entrance ramp, if two wrestlers were outside the ring, the CPU would immediately return to the ring if their opponent moved close to the entrance ramp.
Fixed bug where, in venues with a horizontal entrance ramp, CPU wrestlers wouldn’t follow/attack opponent outside of the ring.
Revised CPU movement when approaching opponent outside of the ring.

Version 0.9500 (November 24, 2017)
Fixed priority percentages not properly displaying for certain Double Team moves.
Wrestlers will no longer use [Running Attack], [Running at Downed Opponent] Priority Attacks in Barbed Wire Deathmatch/Gruesome Fighting matches.
When [Settings] > [Rope] is set to OFF, wrestlers will no longer drag a downed opponent away from ropes.
Fixed bug where CPU would freeze/jitter next to downed opponent when their logic settings told them to do a pinfall in a match where you can’t win by pinfall.
Fixed issue where certain Priority Attacks were not activating according to their set percentage.

Added the following moves:
Counter > Manhattan Drop B
Counter > Tiltawhirl Torturerack
Counter > Pop-up Jumping Bomb
Corner to Center > Flying Double Knee Attack
Jump from Post > Diving Upper Elbow Smash
Front Grapple (SML) > Thumbing to the Eyes B
Front Grapple (SML) > Face Raking B
Front Grapple (SML) > Push Over
Front Grapple (MED) > European Uppercut Rush
Front Grapple (MED) > Airplane Spin
Front Grapple (MED) > Manhattan Drop B
Front Grapple (BIG) > Bionic Elbow
Front Grapple (BIG) > Testicular Claw
Front Grapple (BIG) > Screw Neckbreaker Drop
Front Grapple (BIG) > Spinning Backflip Driver
Back Grapple (SML) > Pull Down
Corner Grapple (BIG) > O'Connor Roll German Suplex

Version 0.9013 (November 16, 2017)
Fixed bug causing broken visuals when selecting parts. (Caused by certain resolution settings)

Fixed bug related to idle wrestler placement during wrestler entrances.
Fixed bug allowing you to chain Jump From Post moves more times than intended.
Wrestlers stay down for longer after being hit by a Run Up Turnbuckle move.

Fixed bug preventing wrestler from using slingshot moves into ring.
Fixed bug where wrestler wouldn’t attack after dodging a move while being Irish whipped.
Fixed bug where wrestler would execute a Performance at the beginning of a match if a Performance was set to [Stand (SML)].
Fixed bug where Priority Attacks wouldn’t trigger after dragging opponent away from ropes.
Fixed bug where wrestler would sometimes use a non-priority move against a dizzy opponent.
Fixed bug preventing [Priority Attacks > Opp.Down] from triggering.
Fixed bug preventing Follow-Up Attacks after a Spider German Suplex.
Fixed bug where CPU wrestler would shake if you ran around them.
Made it so post attacks can no longer be countered.
Made it so that if the opponent recovers while executing a corner attack, the wrestler will stop the attack.
Follow-Up Attacks no longer trigger if initial attack misses.
Adjusted parameters for deciding to drag a downed opponent away from ropes.
*Wrestler now more likely to drag opponent.

Version 0.9012 (November 10, 2017)
Finishing Move now displays on Wrestler Transfer screen.
Wrestler Edit > Skill > Theme Music confirmation message now displays location of music file.
[Priority Moves] Added following categories: [Run up Post], [Jump from Post], [Performance], [Running], [Running at Downed Opponent]
*NOTE: CPU Wrestler may not attempt priority moves if they will not connect (due to distance, etc).

Increased time wrestler stays on mat after being hit by slingshot move into the ring.
If a CPU wrestler attempts a running attack against a dazed opponent and the opponent recovers, the CPU wrestler will continue their movement instead of stopping (though will stop after bouncing off ropes twice).
If a CPU wrestler attempts a post attack against an opponent slumped on the corner post and the opponent recovers, the CPU wrestler will continue their movement instead of stopping.
Adjusted run direction for CPU running attacks (vs standing/downed opponents).
Adjusted movement when CPU moves behind opponent.

The following parts were added:

Subpart 142(1)
Subpart 142(2)
Subpart 143(1)
Subpart 143(2)

Body Hair

Body Hair
Pleated Skirt
Flared Skirt

Arm Guard D(1)
Arm Guard D(2)
Arm Guard D(3)

Pleated Skirt
Flared Skirt

Bell Bottoms Pattern A(1)
Bell Bottoms Pattern A(2)
Bell Bottoms Pattern B(1)
Bell Bottoms Pattern B(2)
Bell Bottoms Pattern C(1)
Bell Bottoms Pattern C(2)

Version 0.9011 (October 26, 2017)
When opening the pulldown menu, cursor now defaults to the currently selected item.
[Settings] > [Elimination] now selectable by default regardless of number of participants.
Added option: [Settings] [Entrance Style]

Keyboard controls: Can now edit CPU logic percentages with number keys and keyboard.
Ring Edit: Custom ring texture option added.

Fixed bug that prevented wrestler from climbing a corner post if the round ended with a wrestler on that post.
Strike Exchange now only occurs inside the ring.
Increased time a standing wrestler stays down after being hit by flying moves. (Jump from Post/Slingshot from Apron to Inside of Ring.)
S-1 Rules Match: Small grapple moves that knock down an opponent no longer factor towards knockdown count.
Second/partner will now distract referee when active wrestler uses illegal move/weapons.
If a CPU wrestler loses due to a pin/submission, they will no longer break out after the gong.
Fixed bug where CPU wrestler would ignore an opponent hit by a CRITICAL move that doesn’t knock them onto the mat.
In a tag team match, a wrestler returning to their corner after a tag will no longer be targeted.
Adjusted frequency of bleeding.
*Now less likely during a Strike Exchange and more likely when using illegal moves.

Multiple wrestlers may now enter ring together.
*Adjust settings from: [Settings] > [Entrance Style]
You can now move human controlled wrestlers during entrances.
When entering the ring, wrestlers now first climb onto the apron.
When Red Corner wrestler/s enter the ring, the Blue Corner wrestler/s now wait outside the ring.

Version 0.9010 (October 12, 2017)
Offline Mode
Fixed bug that froze title screen if save data compatibility message displayed after canceling out of creating a cache.
Exhibition Match: Random wrestler select added.
Tournament/League: Event name entry window and match settings are now consistent in both modes.
Options menu: Name is currently selected parameter now displays at top of screen.
Options menu: Added [Crowd Volume] option.

Edit Mode
Individual parts may now be scaled separately.
Increased parts scale percentage to 0%~200%
Added pulldown menu to parts scale tool with up/down buttons.
CPU logic: Increased [Priority Attack] slots from 3 to 10.
Added 11 types of characters voices: American Male X 3, Japanese Male X 5, Japanese Female X 3.
Team Edit: When transferring teams, you can now press X (X Box)/ Square (PS4)/ Z (Keyboard) to collapse stables and only display promotions.
Wrestler Edit: Can now use the keyboard to input wrestler birthday/parameters. Press Y (X Box)/Triangle (PS4)/X (Keyboard) to activate entry window.

Fixed bug preventing CPU with a weapon from picking up a downed opponent.
Fixed bug that, when a wrestler won a Contest of Strength, they would sometimes use a move that doesn’t match their fight style.
Fixed bug where CPU wrestlers would get stuck outside the ring or between the apron and ramp.
Fixed bug where red corner second/partner couldn’t return to their default position in venues with horizontal entrance ramps.
Adjusted timing of CPU second/partner wrestler interference.
Adjusted how referee responds to second/partner wrestler.
Adjusted position where referee initiates pin count/submission check.
Adjusted shadow for sagging ropes.
Adjusted crowd cheers.

Added the following moves:
Running > [Wheelbarrow Bulldog]
Corner Grapple (Big) > [Corner Brainbuster]
Run Up Turnbuckle (Standing)(Small) > [Back Cutter]
Changed name of Coup De Grace Taunt from [Cross Pose] to [Arm Cross Gut Pose]

Version 0.9009 (September 28, 2017)
Fixed bug where Ring/Venue/Referee settings would not save.
Wrestler Select menu: Now displays number to signify number of variant costumes.
Wrestler Select menu: Added wrestler auto-sort option. [Xbox: X button / PS4: Square button]
*Pressing the button cycles through sort options: Default > Ascending >Descending
Added page jump function for menus with many options. [Xbox: RB / PS4: R1 / Keyboard: E]
Tournament/League Wrestler Select menu: Added description of controls.
Tournament/League Wrestler Select menu: Made it easier to see what item is currently selected.
Tournament/League Wrestler Select menu: When using Random Select, currently selected wrestlers will no longer be replaced.
Cursor now ignores mouse placement when mouse is inactive.
Can now right click to exit text entry windows.

Overwrite wrestler prompt: Fixed bug that would display wrestler.
Edit CPU Logic menu: Can now quit editing logic percentages even when the total percentage doesn’t equal 100%.
Transfer Wrestler menu: Can now select/batch transfer multiple wrestlers in an organization or stable.
Belt Edit menu: When using a mouse/keyboard, fixed bug where changes would not be applied if you saved before pressing [Confirm].
Belt Edit/Ring Edit menu: Added confirmation prompt when exiting menu.
Belt Edit/Ring Edit menu: Added color wheel tool for selecting colors.

Wrestler Appearance menu
[Mouse/Keyboard Controls]
Can now right click to delete a layer.
Copy/Paste remapped from Backspace to F1.
Can now copy/paste colors with Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V.
Can now delete layers with Delete key.
Fixed bug where cursor would disappear if you double clicked the Part Preview button.
Parts Preview now properly rotates when you click the arrow buttons.
If you click outside the color wheel, the color wheel menu will close.
If you click outside the Part Select or Filter window with a part selected, the Part Select window will close.
[General Controls]
Can now close copy/paste menu. [Xbox: Y button / PS4: Triangle button / Keyboard: F1, right click]

Fixed bug where SWA Rules matches would use Over the Top Rope rules.
Fixed bug where default wrestlers would display instead of your edit wrestler if the cache was activated.

In a CPU vs CPU match, adjusted time after match ends before results screen.
CPU wrestlers now perform a taunt after winning a match.
*This taunt will be the move set to [Performance 4].
Referee now stops counting a ring out sooner.
Exploit fixed that allowed a wrestler to connect with too many post moves before opponent recovered.
Fixed bug where CPU Level wasn’t properly taken into consideration when reversing moves in a CPU vs CPU match.
*Wrestler taking the move was at a disadvantage.
Fixed bug where wrestler would slump against post in deathmatches with fluorescent tubes/barbed wire boards against post.

Adjusted look of ring colors.

Added the following venues:
SCS Stadium
Arena de Universo
Spike Dome

Added the following moves:
Running [European Uppercut Attack]
Counter [High Angle Drop Kick]
Front Grapple (BIG) [Phoenixplex Hold]

Adjusted: Standing [High Angle Drop Kick]
[*]Adjusted: Opponent Down - Face Down, Near Head [Omoplata Crossface]

Version 0.9008 (September 14, 2017)
Offline Mode
Fixed bug where incorrect move name would display on match results screen when match was won with Okite Yaburi.
Wrestler Select Screen: You can now move the cursor without waiting for the wrestlers to load.
Exhibition Match: Fixed bug where you could use the mouse to select wrestlers that were otherwise unselectable.
Wrestler Select Screen: Fixed bug where, when selecting a wrestler with the mouse after scrolling the menu, the wrong wrestler would be selected.
Timed Battle Royal: Entrance Settings > Time settings now saves even when you move between menus.
Mission Mode: With the cursor over the [Return] button, pressing up/down now returns you to the Mission List menu.
Mission Mode: Made text boxes easier to read.
While playing in Windowed Mode, fixed the mouse so it will only respond when the application is the active window.
Added [Cache] option.
This caches the Wrestler Select menu graphics for your entire collection of wrestlers and speeds up the Wrestler Select menu.
To create a cache, turn the option ON and restart the application.
*Each wrestler requires around 20MB of memory so please make sure you have enough available disk space.

Edit Mode
Fixed bug where full wrestler name would not display properly.
Can now press LB(L1)/RB(R1) to rotate the item in the Part Preview window.
Added full body preview button in place of the pull-down menu.
Changed the Highlights button size/text.
Can now toggle through highlight settings in place of the pull-down menu.
Changed base color of parts displayed in the Layer list.
Part selection cursor set to hidden when using Filter window.
Moveset Edit: Fixed moves that were not displaying properly.
[Back Grapple](MED) Back Tackle > Changed category from “Rough” to “Position Change.”
Skill Menu: Can now use left/right buttons to move between screens.
When selecting an edit wrestler/referee to load, it now displays their full profile instead of a thumbnail.
CPU Logic Menu: Fixed bug that would move the cursor back to the left-hand window if you pressed cancel while entering a percentage.
Fixed bug that prevented you from saving an edit wrestler if you had too many wrestlers assigned to “Retire.”
Increased font size of wrestler name.
Changed position of Nickname window.
Belt Edit: Fixed bug that hid belt information behind the belt preview when saving.
Team Edit: On the wrestler select screen, organizations without any assigned wrestlers will be moved to the end of the rotation.
Team Edit: Fixed bug where if you reorder a wrestler, then cancel before confirming, the wrestler would be moved regardless.

Online Mode
Changed graphics for pull-down menu/chat window.

Adjusted time that a wrestler stays down after being hit by a [Jump from Post] move.
CPU logic: [Jump from Post > Lrg Dmg] moves were not occurring as frequently as intended so parameters have been adjusted so these moves are used more often.
Adjusted timing for [Run up Turnbuckle] moves
Fixed bug where wrestlers would swap position with certain return moves (such as Lightning Speed).

Wrestler Data
Fixed CPU logic bug for default wrestler Caroline Collins where [Opp Down – Face down] > [Opp. Condition Critical] was set to over 100%

Added [Running > Turning Arm Breaker B]
Added [Front Grapple (BIG) > Backflip Driver
Added [Front Avalanche Setup Counter > Top Rope Canadian Destroyer]

Edit Parts
Added Face 688-697, Part 688-697.

Version 0.9007 (September 5, 2017)
Fixed freeze bug on Skill menu.

Failsafe added at launch to check that the save data and application version are compatible . If the application version is older than the save data, you will receive a warning and the game will not launch.
A notification now appears if your save data is updated at launch time.
Exhibition Match: Fixed bug that would reset a wrestler’s costume when their position was reshuffled on the Wrestler Select screen.
Fixed bug that caused a 10-count if you played a Battle Royal after a SWA Rules Match.
Exhibition Match/Battle Royal: Font now scales down for wrestler names using 12 or more characters.
Tournament/League: When selecting Stables and Organizations, wrestlers are no longer displayed in the active left window.
Tournament/League: [Keyboard controls] When selecting Organizations, pressing the Up key now properly displays wrestlers in the active left window.
Tournament/League: [Keyboard controls] Fixed bug that would prevent arrow keys from working if the mouse cursor was over a button.

Wrestler Appearance Menu: Fixed bug where highlight settings would not copy when copying body part layers.

Battle Royal: CPU no longer tries to attack a defeated opponent leaving the ring.
Battle Royal: If a CPU wrestler has no current opponent, they will walk forward in the current direction (and will no longer 3D walk).
A defeated wrestler will no longer stand up themselves.
*This includes the final wrestler defeated in a Battle Royal.
A defeated wrestler will no longer reverse moves.
If a wrestler is Irish Whipped into the corner post at an angle, they will now slump against the post.
Fixed bug preventing fluorescent tubes from appearing as random weapons.
Adjusted damage from colliding with walls/barbed wire/fluorescent tubes, as well as from landmines.
*Increased damage for explosive gimmicks.
[*]Cage Deathmatch: CPU will no longer attempt pinfalls with Win Condition set to Give Up Only/Escape.
*Specifically this disables the pinfall button. Other pinfall moves may be used.
*Priority Moves set to the pinfall button will be ignored.

Version 0.9006 (August 28, 2017)
Fixed issue where adding/deleting audio files would change the a wrestler’s entrance theme.
Fixed issue where adding/deleting audio files would sometimes cause the game to freeze.

Fixed issue in Tournament/League mode where rearranging entrants would prevent you from starting the tournament/league.
Fixed issue where, when playing Mission mode after finishing a tournament, the tournament results would be displayed.
Fixed issues related to mouse functionality.

Move Set menu: Fixed issue where the following move previews would not properly play:
-Inferno Choke Slam
-Top Rope Rev Frankensteiner
-Hanged Neck Figure 4
-Exploder to Outside
Wrestler Appearance menu: In addition to copying an entire attire, you can now also copy all layers in a part.

Can now skip wrestler entrances by clicking the mouse.
Can now skip through tutorial messages by clicking the mouse.
Timed Battle Royal: Fixed issue where the match would end if all other wrestlers in the ring were defeated before all scheduled wrestlers had appeared. (Match now continues as normal.)
Fixed issue where certain resolution settings caused tutorial messages to be cut off.
Fixed SFX for [(Strike Exchange) > Kesagiri Chop]
Fixed issue where damage was not being properly calculated for [(Running) Frankensteiner Whip]
CPU logic: Fixed issue where Priority Move would not activate after [(Running) > Slingblade]
Keyboard/Mouse Controls: Can now exit attract mode with Confirm/Cancel/Esc/Return/Left click in addition to Space/Start.

Added new move: [Jump From Post > Reverse Firebird Splash]

Version 0.9005 (August 17, 2017)
NEW EDIT FEATURE: Custom Music Importer
Set custom BGM for matches and wrestler entrances
Supported file formats: .mp3, .wav, .ogg

NEW MODE: S-1 Rules Mode
This mode is played with rules that don’t allow grappling. Only striking attacks can be used and the match is decided by Knockout. The match is played as a single match.
Special Rules:
No grappling/submission.
No running inside the ring
MMA fight styles receive large damage bonus to strikes.

Resolution Options Added
When launching in Windowed Mode, you may select window size options based on the size of your monitor.

Edit Mode Improvements
When you select an existing part layer, the parts list now defaults to the current part instead of returning to the beginning of the list.
Added new filters to parts list menu.
With the parts list menu open, pressing Y(Xbox)/Triangle(PS4) toggles between the parts list and filter window.
With the cursor over a layer, pressing X(Xbox)/Square(PS4) deletes the current part.
With the parts list menu open, pressing LB/RB(Xbox)/L1/R1(PS4) cycles through pages of parts.
Loading icon added to parts list menu.
[Mouse/keyboard]With a part selected, right clicking cancels the selection.
Previously, selecting a base part with additional part layers when all layers were already filled would cause a confirmation message to display. This confirmation message has been removed and the additional parts will not be added..
Improved cursor movement when selecting a part. Pressing the right corner moves the cursor down a layer, and pressing the left corner moves the cursor up a layer.
Revised order of body parts from the pulldown menu.
[New order]Face > Chest > Waist > Upper Arm > Forearm > Hand >Thigh > Calf >Feet
Revised filter font size and order.
Multiple filters may be applied simultaneously.
When selecting a color, pressing the confirmation button/right click closes the color picker.
Added SFX when closing color picker.
When selecting a color, you can now move the cursor diagonally with arrow keys.

Mouse Menu Support Added
Certain windows (such as the task bar) still lack support. We plan to patch this in a future update.

Fixed bug where Ukemi was not providing a spirit and attack boost.

Wrestler Parts
Revised issue where Calf > Bear parts were darker than bear parts for the rest of the body.

New Moves
Counter: Flapjack
Jump From Post: Diving Cutter
Front Grapple (Big): Final Power Bomb
Opponent Down - Face Down, Near Head: Arm Hold Dangerous Knee Kick

Version 0.9004 (August 3, 2017)
When selecting a wrestler with multiple costumes, you can now cancel and return to the Wrestler Select screen.
Added keyboard functionality for the following gamepad buttons:
X(Square) is now mapped to the Z key.
Y (Triangle) is now mapped to the X key.


Fixed issue where you could start a match by selecting a blanked-out square. (I.e. the space representing Wrestler A vs Wrestler A)
In a league with multiple blocks, you can now move freely between blocks instead of being forced to hold matches in order.
To switch between blocks in a league, you now use left/right on the analog stick/keyboard instead of LB(L1)/RB(R1)
Fixed issue causing match rules (time, etc) to reset during the finals.
Fixed issue where the proper wrestler would not be selected in the finals.

Fixed CPU logic category name:
Run Up Turnbuckle (MED) > Run Up Turnbuckle

Fixed CPU logic for] Opp. Dazed Near Corner > Rope Slingshot from Apron to Inside of Ring
Fixed issue where a wrestler would be unable to move if they ran out of breath near the stage entrance.
Revised CPU logic so wrestlers no longer attempt to breathe while on the entrance ramp.
Reversal (somersault) now working as intended for side corner Irish Whips. (Only applies to applicable Fight Styles)
Added new walk animation when far away from opponent.
Fixed issue preventing wrestler from exiting to apron when close to the corner post.
Fixed issue preventing Stamina and Spirit from carrying over in Best of 3 match. (These stats now carry over and each recover slightly between matches.)
Keyboard controls: Changed Pause button from Tab key to Space key.
Keyboard controls: With the game paused, press S key for Clean Pause and Frame-by-Frame mode.

[*]Opponent Down - Face Up, Near Head: Sliding Elbow Butt

Version 0.9003 (July 27, 2017)
Fixed issue preventing thumbnails from generating when uploading items to the Workshop.
Can now select alternate wrestler costumes.

Fixed issue preventing you from assigning players with Tornado rules on in a Single Match, Tournament and League.
Can now assign player to a slot before selecting wrestler.
Can now press Start button to begin a match.
Can now remove a wrestler from a slot by moving the cursor over a slot and pressing X (Xbox) / Square (PS4)..
Can now clear all wrestler slots in a Single Match and Battle Royal by pressing Y ((Xbox) / Triangle (PS4).

Fixed issue where game would freeze if you deleted an edit wrestler created before a wrestler won a championship title, then tried to play a title match with the champion wrestler.
Renamed moves now properly displayed on match result screen and CPU logic menu.
Team Edit now properly recognizes wrestler weight class.
Improved stability of Team Edit Mode.
On the Moveset Edit/Move Rename menu, holding RB (Xbox) / R1 (PS4) speeds up the menu by 10x.
Improved preview playback in Moveset Edit/Move Rename menu.

Fixed CPU logic where a wrestler would taunt instead of performing a rope slingshot attack.
Slightly increased CPU range of tolerance for diving attacks to outside the ring/slingshot attacks.
[Rope Slingshot Outside the Ring][Running to Outside the Ring] attacks.
Made setup action for diving attacks to outside the ring/slingshot attacks look more natural.
Wrestlers no longer climb corner post unless they have an appropriate post move set.
Fixed issue preventing wrestler from performing a diving attack from a corner post against an opponent dazed in the top or bottom corner.
Fixed issue where a wrestler would attempt a run-up corner post attack against an opponent dazed in the top or bottom corner.
Fixed issue where a wrestler would continue to hold a weapon between rounds if the weapon was held at the end of a round.

'Signature Move' changed to 'Finishing Move,' (Noted by a 'F') 'Favorite Moves' changed to 'Signature Moves.' (Noted by an 'S')
Fixed issue in Move List where Defense parameters were displayed instead of Offense parameters under Compatibility.
Added “clean pause” and frame-by-frame playback function to Pause menu. Press Y (Xbox) / Triangle (PS4) to use.

[New Move]
Post (BIG): Canadian Destroyer

Version 0.9002 (July 20, 2017)
Fixed issue causing loading screen to freeze when using certain wrestlers.
Fixed issue causing matches to freeze due to packet loss with data-heavy edit wrestlers.
Fixed matching error that allowed users with different versions to be matched.
No longer displays “OK!” when you select a wrestler, then cancel your selection.
Fixed issue causing menu to freeze if guest joined room when host closed room.
Improved accuracy of host’s Internet speed detection for matching.

Fixed issue causing victory message to display in Mission Mode results screen if you played Mission Mode after a tournament.
Fixed text displayed when a Battle Royal ends in a tie.
SWA Rules Match and Gruesome Fighting results screens now show the round number.
V-Sync settings now save between play sessions.

Changed 'Opp.Down Near Corner' logic options from 'Sml Dmg' / 'Lrg Dmg' to 'Lrg Dmg' / 'Opp. Condition Critical.'
Grapple (BIG)
Fixed move typing for Grapple (BIG) move Victor Cross Kneebreaker
Create Team Mode: Fixed issue preventing names from updating.

CPU logic category [Post (SML)+(MED)] is now working properly.
CPU logic category [Rope Slingshot Outside the Ring][Running to Outside the Ring] is now working properly.
Added commentators.

Fixed Critical settings for default wrestlers.
Various text revisions.

Added new Stand (BIG) move: Leaping Cutter.

Version 0.9001 (July 13, 2017)
Fixed room search issue that was preventing matches from being found.
Fixed issue where the game would freeze at a black screen when starting a match.
Fixed bandwidth issue where you would switch control with opponent’s wrestler.
Fixed issue preventing you from selecting alternative costumes.

Fixed issue that prevented multiple costumes from uploading to Workshop.
Fixed issue causing CPU logic settings to reset.
Fixed issue preventing a thumbnail from being created when uploading an edit.

Fixed issue allowing you to use retired wrestlers.
Fixed issue with belt icons displaying improperly in View Title menu.
Fixed wrestler name display in league mode.

Fixed issue that caused a different wrestler to be deleted if you tried to delete an editing without saving first.
Fixed issue on PS4 controller causing color picker to get stuck moving up.
Fixed issue in Moveset menu where “Not used” text was not displaying.
Fixed issue allowing you to use more edit points than the set limit. If you have a wrestler that exceeds the point maximum, their parameters will be reset.
Improved response speed of percentage select window in CPU Logic menu.

Fixed issue preventing you from taunting/performing on corner post.
(If your wrestler was set to have a corner post performance, this issue also prevented them from using diving moves.)
Fixed issue where wrestlers were tiring too easily.
Fixed CPU logic issue that prevented CPU wrestlers from using irish whip and corner-to-center attacks.
Fixed CPU logic issue where 'Grapple > Med Dmg' priorities were not being taken into consideration.


A wrestler can now slide into the ring by running towards it (pressing S on Keyboard or Y in Joystick).

During the match, wrestlers may exchange blows occasionally (depending on wrestler). To win these exchanges, the player has to press any button rapidly.

To slide towards the ring ropes while being caught in a submission hold, press and hold either A (keyboard)/Left Shoulder (joystick) or D (keyboard)/Right Shoulder and press the Arrow keys/rotate the Directional buttons or analog stick quickly. The more damage a wrestler has received, the faster they slide towards the ropes.

To perform the Okite Yaburi! (Move Stealer) simultaneously press X, A and Left Shoulder in a Front Grapple. It can only be performed once per match.

Mission Mode:
After the six Tutorial stages, the player will be tasked with finishing 50 missions. Completing each mission adds 4 points to the Edit Skill Points total for a total of 380 Edit Skill Points (383 as of version 2.07.4). Clearing certain missions will also unlock a new move:

- Mission 2: Pendulum Bomb [Counter (SML)]
- Mission 6: Diving Double Knee Press [Jump onto Post (SML)]
- Mission 10: Swan Dive Double Knee Press [Rope Slingshot to Inside (BIG)]
- Mission 14: Spanish Fly [Counter (SML)]
- Mission 18: Vertical Drop DDT [Front Grapple (BIG)]
- Mission 22: Omoplata Crossface [Opponent Down-Face Down, at Head (MED)]
- Mission 26: Gori Bomb [Front Grapple (BIG)]
- Mission 30: Double Knee Stomach Crusher [Front Grapple (BIG)]
- Mission 34: Foot Stunner [Front Grapple (BIG)]
- Mission 38: Wrist Clutch 1/2 Nelson Driver [Back Grapple (BIG)]
- Mission 42: Corner Hanging Foot Stomp [Corner Grapple (BIG)+Up]
- Mission 46: Package Piledriver [Front Grapple (BIG)]
- Mission 50: Cannonball Senton [Jump onto Post (SML)]

In Version 2.000, new players can unlock all of the above with a joystick (that has two analog sticks). In the Main Menu, hold Left Shoulder, Right Shoulder and Y, then press the right stick. A sound should confirm the code and all of the Mission Mode stages will be cleared with a C rank and the player should have all the unlockable moves and 383 Edit Skill Points.

The following code works only in Fire Promoter (DLC required). While selecting Difficulty and number of competing promotions, hold Left Shoulder and Left Trigger. When the mode starts, the player should have $10,000,000 in assets but their popularity will drop to D for all wrestlers.

The following code works only in Fighting Road for the Champion Road Beyond story mode (DLC required). While selecting the Champion Road Beyond story, hold Left Trigger and Right Shoulder. The following content will be unlocked with correct code entry:

- Two additional wrestlers: Notorious and Blade Saeba
- Additional edit parts: from Notorious and Blade Saeba
- Additional BGM: music that plays throughout the CRB story
- Video interview with scenario writer Goichi Suda (Suda51 of Grasshopper Manufacture)


1. Fire Pro Wrestling - Combination Tag [Model HM89001] (1989, PCE)
2. Fire Pro Wrestling 2nd Bout [Model HM91005] (1991, PCE)
3. Super Fire Pro Wrestling [Model SHVC-FP] (1991, SFC)
4. Thunder Pro Wrestling Retsuden (1992, MD)
5. Fire Pro Wrestling 3 - Legend Bout (1992, PCE)
6. Super Fire Pro Wrestling 2 [Model SHVC-FF] (1992, SFC)
7. Super Fire Pro Wrestling III - Final Bout [Model SHVC-F3] (1993, SFC)
8. Super Fire Pro Wrestling III - Easy Type [Model SHVC-3E] (1994, SFC)
9. Fire Pro Joshi - All Star Dream Slam [Model SHVC-J4] (1994, SFC)
10. Super Fire Pro Wrestling Special [Model SHVC-AP4J-JPN] (1994, SFC)
11. Wrestling Universe - Fire Pro Joshi - Dome Choujo Taisen - WOWOW vs. JWP [Model HMCD-4008] (1995, PCE CD)
12. Super Fire Pro Wrestling - Queen's Special [Model SHVC-AQQJ-JPN] (1995, SFC)
13. Fire Pro Gaiden Blazing Tornado [Model T-4302G] (1995, SAT)
14. Super Fire Pro Wrestling X [Model SHVC-AF5J-JPN] (1995, SFC)
15. Fire Pro Wrestling - Iron Slam '96 (1996, PS)
16. Super Fire Pro Wrestling X Premium [Model SHVC-AF6J-JPN] (1996, SFC)
17. Fire Pro Wrestling S - 6Men Scramble [Model T-4308G] (1996, SAT)
18. Fire Pro Wrestling G (1999, PS)
19. Fire Pro Wrestling for WonderSwan (2000, WonderSwan)
20. Fire Pro Wrestling i (2001, i-mode)
21. Fire Pro Wrestling D (2001, Dreamcast)
22. Fire Pro Wrestling A (2001, GBA)
23. Fire Pro Wrestling J (2002, J-PHONE)
24. Final Fire Pro Wrestling - Yume no Dantai Unei! [Model AGB-AFWJ-JPN] (2002, GBA)
25. Fire Pro Wrestling Z (2003, PS2)
26. Fire Pro Wrestling Returns (2005, PS2)
27. Fire Pro Wrestling in Mobage (2011, Mobage)
28. Fire Pro Wrestling (2012, X360)
29. Fire Pro Wrestling World (2017, PC)


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* Consoles :
Sony PlayStation 4 (2018)


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