Fire Pro Gaiden Blazing Tornado [Model T-4302G]

Sega Saturn CD published 29 years ago by Human Ent.

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Fire Pro Gaiden Blazing Tornado [Model T-4302G] screenshot

Fire Pro Gaiden Blazing Tornado © 1995 Human Entertainment.

Blazing Tornado comes to the Sega Saturn as another Fire Pro story. Go on a quest for the Neo Heroic Championship in Circuit Mode or try team single elimination matches in the Elimination Mode. Power Battle Mode is an endurance where one of the wrestlers faces all the others.

Two can play simultaneously.


Game ID: T-4302G
Barcode: 4959143850019

Players: 2
Control: 8-Way Joystick
Buttons: 4
=> [A] Weak strike/grapple, [B] Strong strike/grapple, [C] Run, [X] Performance


Released in August 25, 1995 in Japan.

The title translates to Fire Pro Another Story: Blazing Tornado.

As the first pro wrestling game on the system, the home release of Blazing Tornado does away with the 4 player tornado tag team match although it enables the player to enable the boss of the game as a playable character via a code. The gameplay is also much closer to the Fire Pro games, relying on timing based grappling as opposed to button mashing.

All of the wrestlers in this game as well as referee Leon Sanders appear in the games Super Fire Pro Wrestling X and Super Fire Pro Wrestling X Premium.


To get infinite continues for Circuit Mode, select Option Mode, highlight Continue and hold buttons X, Y and Z. Press Right until you see the infinite symbol appear.

Start a Circuit Mode match and pause the game. Using controller 1 input Up, B, A, C, A, Down, B, A, C, A, Up, B, A, C, A, Down, B, A, C, A. This will end the current match and skip directly to the ending of your chosen wrestler.

To play as the boss character, head to the character select screen, move the cursor to Ho Yin-Long and press Left + L, R and B buttons simultaneously. Hayate's portrait will change to a shadow and you'll now be playing as the final boss: Hizelshustat Von Ludwig. This code is given to you when you clear the Power Battle Mode. Ludwig can't use any of the foreign objects outside the ring.


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