Fighting Network RINGS [Model SLPS-00631]

Sony PlayStation CD published 26 years ago by Naxat Soft.

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Fighting Network RINGS [Model SLPS-00631] screenshot

Fighting Network RINGS © 1997 Naxat Soft.

Mega Battle Tournament 1996.

This battle shall declare the strongest man in the world.

Founded by Akira Maeda and broadcast in WOWOW, Fighting Network Rings contains 15 fighters each performing punches, kicks, takedowns and match-ending submission holds in 15-man tournament, Exhibition match, Versus mode and a handy Practice mode. View photographs and movies in the Appendix mode and customize game settings using the Option mode.


Game ID: SLPS-00631
Barcode Number: 4988658967066

Players: 2
Control: Standard controller (Digital Controller compatible only)
Buttons: 4
=> [Square] Punch, [X] Kick, [Triangle] Move, [Circle] Special


Released on August 07, 1997 in Japan. It was never exported outside Japan.

The complete Fighting Network RINGS license is used, and every fighter in the game is officially licensed in the game, featuring:
Akira Maeda
Yoshihisa Yamamoto
Mitsuya Nagai
Masayuki Naruse
Tsuyoshi Kohsaka
Wataru Sakata
Kiyoshi Tamura
Volk Han
Nikolai Zouev
Andrei Kopylov
Hans Nyman
Dick Vrij
Willie Peeters
Bitsadze Tariel
Sotir Gotchev


When both fighters get in close, they lock-up into a grapple. Perform your move with Punch or Kick button (and optionally, any directional button) as their portraits at the bottom of the screen flash.

When an opponent is downed, approach them to mount them. Use Circle button to target the head or feet, then use Punch or Kick button to apply a submission hold. Not every fighter can perform submission holds with every possible combination or Punch, Kick and directional buttons.

Use Triangle button to escape a submission attempt and mount an opponent with the right timing. Circle button can be used to perform reversals against an opponent's punches and kicks.

Unlock a fighter's ending movie by winning all 15 matches in Exhibition mode. Once you unlock all ending movies, you unlock retired RINGS legend Chris Dolman. Complete Exhibition as Chris Dolman to unlock three Secret Guys for use in Versus and Practice Mode:

Top Left: K. Maruyama
Top Right: K. Satoh
Far Right on Center Row: Y. Takaoka

Chris Dolman is selectable in Exhibition, Versus and Practice Mode. Neither of the unlockable characters can be used in Tournament Mode.


Developed by Team Nagoyan.