FIFA Soccer 96 [Model T-100108]

A 23-year-old Sega Game Gear Game by Black Pearl

FIFA Soccer 96 [Model T-100108] screenshot

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FIFA Soccer 96 [Model T-100108] © 1995 Black Pearl


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Programmer : James C Bowman
Artists : Anna Knight, Andy Cambridge
Produced by : Joe Bonar, James Stewart
Probe Q.A. : Clifford Ramsey, Mark Viccary, James Brown, Nick McGee, Mike Movel, Robert Lewtas
Programmers : Jan Tian, Brian Plank, Kevin Pickell
EA Artists : G. Ashcroft, Dianna Davies, David Adams
Game Design : Matt Webster, Bruce McMillan

Vice President : Larry Siegel
Director of Product Development : Steve Ryno
Senior Producer : Donn Nauert
Producer : Greg Gibson
Associate Producer : Jon Osborn
Testing Dept. : Sanders Keel, Jamie Saxon, Gabriel Jones, James Noyes, E Fernandez, Bill Villegas, C Lloyd, Jason Lewis
Hair by : Matt
and thanks to : Kate and Felix

Game's ROM.