FIFA Soccer 96 [Model SNS-A6SE-USA]

Nintendo Super NES game published 25 years ago by Electronic Arts

FIFA Soccer 96 [Model SNS-A6SE-USA] screenshot

Listed and emulated in MAME !

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FIFA Soccer 96 © 1995 Electronic Arts.




EA Crew
Executive Producer: Bruce E. McMillan
Producer: Steven Rechtschaffner
Assistant Producer: Kevin Loh
Technical Director: Erik T. Kiss
Art Director: David Adams
Music: Robert Bailey
Development Coordinator: Ted Sylka
QA: Ernie Stewart, Stephen Cheung, Kenneth Wong, Aaron Grant, Jacky Chan, Aaron Watmough, Evan Stanfield, Rhett Shoemaker, Nathan Warbruck

Probe Crew
Produced By Extended Play Productions.
Developed By Probe Entertainment Ltd.
Creative Director: Joe Bonar
Programmers: Graeme Webb, Mr. Fish, Bob Taylor, Carl Muller, James Bowman, John Croudy
Assistant Producers: Terry Haynes, James Stewart
Art Manager: Anthony Rosbottom
Artists: Little Kev, Mathew Cooling
SNES Music: Andrew Brock, Andrew Barnabas
SNES SFX: Andrew Brock, Andrew Barnabas
QA: Clifford Ramsey, James Brown, Rob Lewtus, Nick McGee, Michael Movel, Gary Patino
Documentation: Jason Armatta

Special Thanks
QA Coordinator: Jon Bruce
FIFA AI: Brian Plank
Front End Art: Suzan Germic
Production Assistant: Louise Read
Front End Programming: David Hards
Animation: David DeMorest


Game's ROM.