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FIFA Soccer 96 [Model 7579]

Sega Genesis cart. published 29 years ago by EA Sports

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FIFA Soccer 96 [Model 7579] screenshot

FIFA Soccer 96 © 1995 EA Sports [Electronic Arts label]

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GAME ID: 7579
ROM Build date: August 1995


Produced and Developed by Extended Play Productions.

Lead Programmer: Brian J. Plank
Programmers: David Hards, Shawn Taras
Artists: Suzan Germic, Laura Luris
Animators: Joe MacDonald, David DeMorest
Animation Rendering: John Rix, Craig Hui
Art Director: David Adams
Music & SFX: Robert Bailey
Producer: Bruce E. McMillan
Designer: Bruce E. McMillan
Development Director: Ted Sylka
Assistant Producer: Adrienne Travica
Product Managers: Chip Lange, Neil Thewarapperuma
Additional Programming: Calvin Haas, Kevin P. Pickell
Documentation: Andrea Engstrom, Bill Scheppler
Documentation Layout (US): Corinne Mah
Documentation Layout (EU): Tracey Innes
Package Design: E.J. Sarraille Design Group
Package Art Direction: Nancy Waisanen
Lead Testers: Scott Blackwood, Bob Purewal
Testers: Doug Hollinrake, Darren Yung, Darren Sleno, Randy Parmar, Marcin Karasinski, Sean Marcoux, Robert Kaill, Michael Samilski, Geoff Ball, Phong Lam
Quality Assurance: Paul Niehaus, Chris Baena, Mike Gong
Euro Software and Documentation QA: Matt Eyre
Special Thanks: Mike Kiernan, Margaret Ortega, Marc Aubanel, Nicholas Wlodyka, Carl Valentine, Jeff van Dyck, Kerry Whalen


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