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FIFA Soccer 95 [Model 7384]

Sega Genesis cart. published 30 years ago by EA Sports

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FIFA Soccer 95 [Model 7384] screenshot

FIFA Soccer 95 © 1994 EA Sports [Electronic Arts label]

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GAME ID: 7384
ROM Build date: October 1994


Released in October 1994 in the USA.

This game was dedicated to the memory of Joe Della-Savia (1960-1994).

Goodies for FIFA Soccer 95 [Model 7384]
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Produced & Developed by Extended Play Productions.

Programmers: Jan G. Tian, Brian Plank, David Hards
Artists: David Adams, Dianna Davies, Suzan Germic
Sound and Music: Jeff van Dyck
Technical Directors: Mike Kiernan, Allan Johanson
Producer: Bruce E. McMillan
Development Directors: Joe Della-Savia, Anne L Coulombe
Assistant Producers: Steve Livaja, Adrienne Travica
Product Managers: Chip Lange, Neil Thewarapperuma
Package Design: E.J. Sarraille Design Group
Package Art Direction: Nancy Waisanen
Documentation: Bill Scheppler, Neil Cook
Documentation Layout: Michael Lippert
Product Testers: John Santamaria, James Fairweather, Matthew Stuart, Jeremy Wedel, Aaron Grant, Tony Lam, Evan Stanfield, James Friesen
Quality Assurance: Walter Ianneo
Additional Artists: Donna Brockopp, John Rix, George Ashcroft
Additional Programming: Kevin P. Pickell
Special Thanks: Mike Kiernan, Allan Johanson, Todd Wilson, Bobby Lenarduzzi, Claudio Maurizio, Rick Smith, David M. Dempsey, Mary Snow, Karen Schulman


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