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Fernando Martin Basket Master [Model SPE 870002]

Sinclair ZX Spectrum cass. published 37 years ago by Dinamic Soft.

Listed in MAME

Fernando Martin Basket Master © 1987 Dinamic Software


GAME ID: SPE 870002


The game was initially programmed by Gonzalo Martin Erro with his brother Julio being the graphic artist. Dinamic felt the initial game would not be finished within the deadline and hired Paco Martin as the new programmer. The game was entirely reprogrammed while the original graphics were retained, hence Julio’s name is credited while Gonzalo, despite being the original programmer, is not credited at all.

Gonzalo's original version was recovered years later and released on the internet.


Coding: Paco Martin
Analysis and development of algorithms: Victor Ruiz, Florentino Pertejo, Paco Martin
Graphics: Julio Martin Erro
Music: Manuel Cubedo
Cover Illustration: Angel Luis Gonzalez
Instructions: Maria Fernandez
Executive Producer: Victor Ruiz
Produced by: Pablo Ruiz
Thanks to: Fernando Martin, Gigantes


Game's cassette.