Faria - Fuuin no Tsurugi [Model HSS-FA]

Nintendo Famicom cart. published 34 years ago by High-Score Media Work

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ファリア 封印の剣 © 1989 High-Score Media Work.
(Faria - Fuuin no Tsurugi)

Faria is an action role-playing game in which the player controls a sword-wielding hero, with a number of similarities to The Legend of Zelda. As with many RPGs, the game is broken into towns, an overworld, and dungeons. Activities in town include talking to non-player characters to gather information and items, traversing the overworld involves combat that takes place on a separate battle screen, while dungeons consist of combat in the same window used to navigate and puzzling through increasingly complex mazes. Combat consists of moving the player character's sprite around the screen while swinging its equipped sword or using a handful of items including bombs and a bow & arrows.

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Released on July 21, 1989 in Japan.

Faria was one of Game Arts' first RPGs, which the company would later become famous for through series such as Grandia and Lunar. The game was an early project for Takeshi Miyaji, Yoshito Asari designer for the Lunar games and director of the first two Grandia games, and Akihiko Yoshida, designer and illustrator on the first two Ogre Battle games and several Squaresoft properties.


Copyright 1989 by Game Arts Co. Ltd., Colon Co. Ltd., Hi-Score Media Work Corp.

Director: Takeshi Miyaji
Producers: Mitsuhiro Mazda, Yoshii Abe
Character Designer: Yoshitoh Asari
Graphic Designer: Akihiko Yoshida
Assistant Graphic Designer: Satoshi Uesaka, Tsuyoshi Tanaka
Programmers: Hirotaka Kadoya, Jun Miyazaki
Sound Programmer: Kazuya Takahashi
Music Composers: Nobuyuki Aoshima, Fumihito Kasatani, Mecano Associates
Test Players: Yuzo Sunaga, Osamu Harada
Scenario: Masaru Takeuchi
Special Thanks to: Yoichi Miyaji, Haruo Okuda
Executive Producer: Kenichi Kai


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