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Family Guy

Pinball published 17 years ago by Stern Pinball, Inc.

Listed in MAME

Family Guy © 2007 Stern Pinball, Incorporated.


Stern S.A.M. System

Main CPU : Atmel AT91


Family Guy was released in January 2007.

Produced by Pat Lawlor Design for Stern Pinball.

Based on the FOX Network's hit TV series.


V0.07FG - Jan-2007
- Pre-production Release - English and Spanish

V 1.00 - 1-Feb-2007
- Initial Release

V 1.01 - 2-Feb-2007
Family Guy Changes :
- added speech to fart multiball
- added a function to play sound later (due to negative delta problem with followup sound calls
- added raise death during multiball adjustment
- fixed how stewie end timer music is started
- uturn follow up speech is faster
- new game intro sounds
- Fixed Stewie pinball bugs by using just one state variable instead of many
- fixed Stewie multiball background staying up when it shouldn't've been
- added endball total calls to all the multiballs
- Stewie Multiball miniplayfield shots now score and make sounds when not giving jackpots
- Stewie Multiball miniplayfield flippers die when ball is drained.
- fixed German text size issues
- fixed French translations.

V 2.00 - 5-Feb-2007
Family Guy Changes :
- added tv static, right orbit, return lane, super griffin sounds
- fixed french text
- removed 'mini spot' lamp names
- added added, "start button no credit" sounds
- added added shoot again sounds
- added new shoot again sound f/x
- new 'TV is lit' sound
- added TV static speech
- added Fart Multiball lightshow

V 3.00 - 6-Feb-2007
Family Guy Changes :
- added Italian speech

V 4.00 - 13-Feb-2007
Family Guy Changes :
- added fart multiball intro/total sounds for family mode
- fixed/added missing foreign text
- fixed german text that was off screen on sexy party intro screen
- fixed german text for lois during end of ball bonus
- Fixed an error in the switch table that caused the bottom pop switch not to dispatch.
- added french, spanish, and german coil text
- Added and fixed some french adjustment text
- Changed when the lard bozo audit is chaulked
- Changed the number of beer cans needed when lard bozo is qualified (now set to 1)
- added crazy chris, chicken fight, super griffins awards, etc...
- added crazy chris speech
- fixed german speech errors
- added german speech
- added left ramp extra ball adjustment
- added more speech
- added adult setting to fart multiball intro
- added adult setting to stewie pinball startup speech
- stewie pinball total is now displayed on 3 lines
- added auto percentaging to left ramp extra ball lit rule
- added adult speech settings to "pops at max"
- added family settings to Fart Multiball
- added lard multiball intro sound
- added tilt warning, tilt speech
- added family setting to fart sounds for all switches during Fart Multiball
- added new crazy chris animation, new crazy chris award sounds
- added adult speech setting to beer can speech
- made german text fit better on end-of-ball bonus screen
- removed farts from drop targets for family mode
- added catostrophic miniplayfield timeout
- added some tech alerts for the miniplayfield
- miniplayfield tries to recover from error once after test mode is exited (before it would only try once after powerup).
- added missing italian speech
- added missing german 12k speech
- new german happy hour speech
- new german verison of "Shoot the left ramp"
- Miniplayfield should be pretty well bulletproofed at this point
- added accessibility and alarm counts to all switches
- added disable mini playfield adjustment
- broken switch compensation added for mini playfield targets
- gave consolation award for broken mini playfields
- added new fart/lard intro sounds, beer can sounds
- added mystery competion mode that works from a list of awards
- added audit for bozo lard multiball
- added audit for new game after recent bad game
- added stewie target sounds
- Chicken fight is no longer a video mode, it is a frenzy mode
- added background speech and punch sound effects to chicken fight
- disabled chicken fight adjustment (hasn't been removed yet).
- Added Lard bozo detection
- commented out unused speech phrases (needed memory for Italian)
- stewie spot light is now on during pre/post stewie pinball
- stopped newton jackpot lamps from lighting during regular game play
- stopped clam kickout sounds in diagnostics
System Changes :
- compression technique has changed from "any" to "*"
- Lowered the switch debounce times for the trough jam switch.
- Cleaned up the switch alert reporting. Dedicated switches are now reported as D-N, where N is the dedicated switch number.
- Added alphabet characters to the 9x12 font.
- Removed 10x15 font, added 9X12 font.
- Finished implementing 'player competition mode'.

V 5.00 - 19-Feb-2007
Family Guy Changes :
- added new meg hit sound f/x
- added/fixed italian/german text
- added hidden skill shot
- added meg speech to super griffins
- added a brian speech line that had been commented out
- implemented shot counter for all modes; fixed a non-fatal in Ipecac Contest.
System Changes :
- The switch debounce close and open times for the trough jam switch have been changed from 2 to 1.

V 6.00 - 23-Feb-2007
Family Guy Changes :
- added french speech
- added french/spanish text
- fixed bonus hold text during Drunken Clam (now it's Hold Bonus X)
- added drop target, drops completed sounds for family mode
- removed "head for the TV" speech when "PINBALL" was qualified but not available (i.e. when a multiball event is running?
- changed evil monkey award animation
- Added TV Final mode
- removed some bog from the spinner.

V 7.00 - 26-Feb-2007
Family Guy Changes :
- new beers collected sound f/x
- fart mb switch scores are now scored and shown on the fart mb bg screen
- new collect beers display/sound f/x
- spanish speech added
- Lengthened TV Wizard Mode total page display and added sound to it
- Added sounds to TV Wizard mode.
- left return lane is now more responsive during fart mb
System Changes :
- Audits and adjustments now only make '-' and '+' button sounds if the audit and adjustment numbers and/or values actually change.

V 8.00 - 1-Mar-2007
Family Guy Changes :
- fixed spanish speech
- added default setting for extra easy thru extra hard rule installs
- added tournament info to attract mode
System Changes :
- changed asterisk from 7 to 5 pixels wide in the 5X10 font
- Tournament 'enter initials' display effect now displays asterisk characters for the PIN.

V 9.00 - 6-Mar-2007
Family Guy Changes :
- added dubai settings, added mode total transition sound, added new/bigger ramp sound
- added penis car speech phrases to family mode
- removed fart sounds from spinner during Fart Multiball when "family mode" is set
- added drunken clam speech phrases to family mode
- added sexy party settings for dubia
- added fart multiball total speech phrases to family mode
- added lard multiball speech phrases to family mode
- added happy hour speech phrases to family mode
- added crazy chris speech phrases to family mode

V 10.00 - 22-Mar-2007
Family Guy Changes :
- Updated sperm attack (final mode) graphics.
- Added graphics to first 2 phases of Sperm Attack.
- Final Mode qualifying implemented.
- final mode lamp effects added.
- added Game Intro speech phrases.
- added flag art.
- added more funny speech phrases.
- added final mode music.
- Final mode added.
System Changes :
- Made tilt debounce longer to avoid quick danger/danger/tilt scenarios that occur when nudging the game 1 time.
- Increased the heap size.
- Added sound effects for USB update complete and USB update error.
- Added new 'download compete' sound.
- Fixed a bug in 'sys_lamp_matrix_free()'.
- Added copyright tool.
- Added translations for the 'lost ball recovery' adjustment.

V 11.0 - 27-Jun-2007
Family Guy Changes :
- added stewie motor test.
- Changed scoring for beer can collect.
- Fixed some issues with mini-playfield inactivity detection, added an adjustment to turn off auto-disabling if it's still a problem; mode shot counts now reset each time the mode is played so that tv wizard scoring doesn't get obnoxiously high.
- added a delay after completing the 4 bank drop targets to reduce balls from being launched into the glass
- Stewie Multiball starts are now audited
- new graphics, speech added
System Changes :
- Ball save is now expedited via an outlane switch.
- Fixed a bug in the USB write file code that could appear when spanning FAT clusters. Optimized several USB file operations so that they are more efficient and run faster.
- Removed the 12v lockup code. This is no longer useful.
- Got rid of extra 0 at the end of a minor version.
- Added instant info modules.
- Factory default USA pricing is now USA10 (1/$0.75, 2/$1.50, 3/$2.00). Tournament prize pool bump upped to $0.50 (from $0.25).
- Fixed several USB bugs.
- Fixed a problem with the 'total plays' audit.
- Fixed a bug with audit dump.
- Fixed the extra ball crash bug. This would happen when the maximum number of extra balls was exceeded and the game programmer had specified extra ball points.


Designer : Pat Lawlor
Artwork : John Youssi, Margaret Hudson
Music : David D. Thiel
Sound Effects : David D. Thiel
Custom Speech Direction : David D. Thiel
Custom Speech : Seth MacFarlane (six characters)