Fairy Tales

Acorn BBC/Electron cass. published 37 years ago by Molimerx

Listed and emulated in MAME !

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Fairy Tales © 1983 Molimerx.

This is the first in the Trilogy and is aimed at family participation. Its theme is fairy stories and nursery rhymes that all interconnect to provide 'souvenir' treasures from the stores. These stories have a captivating effect on young children, whilst the parents will probably be required to provide vocabulary and perhaps 'adventure experience' in solving some of the problems. The game has thirty-six locations and over thirty moveable objects. The player will have to travel through secret passages, grottos, waterfalls, caves, candy houses and many other interesting locations.
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* Computers :
Ported to the Archimedes by Deanesfield Primary School.
Game's cassette.